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FB required announcement

In case you’re confused as to why the FaceBook Page name appears wrong (we are not wanting to do false advertising), here is a repeat of a post we made on the 31st Oct 2018 ( ), when we first tried to update the name of this FaceBook Page. We have been having problems with FB not wanting to reflect the change in company name from JapanesePhotos.Asia to Travel Photos Pty Ltd, our legally registered business name (TravelPhotos.Asia is our trading name and web address, easy to remember, right?)

Also, FYI, you can still find as at:

Here’s a boring graphic to demonstrate the same visual information is being shared across platforms (ok, may be we’re getting cynical now out of frustration with FB)

JPA to TPA change
JPA to TPA change

— End of required but boring announcement —

Imagine escaping from it all

Imagine escaping from it all. Imagine a life of responsibility to only today. Imagine freedom. Imagine having time for yourself. Imagine living. Imagine life.
PS: I’ll be in Taipei from Tuesday for about a week.
#inspiration #inspirational #sail #sailing #sailing #sailinglife #freedom #freedomoftheseas #wanderlust #travel #travelphotography #travelblogger #traveling #travelling #travelholic Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

Melbourne has a special kinda of feels

I don’t often use my phone for photography, but when I do it’s because of the poetry of the moment. Melbourne has a special kinda of feels. It’s free spirited, politely anarchic, richly eclectic, diverse, unassuming, and unobtrusive. I don’t think I captured this taperstry in this image, but I’ll do a better job when I get back, probably in June. PS: this random little lane has interesting little eateries that I must return to. Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: