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July Wall-Art Voting Competition

It’s simple, choose your favourite image from the five in this month’s competition, and hope for the best. If there are at least 12 confirmed sales of the art, then the winner will receive their wall art too. Voting ends at midnight, Melbourne Aust time, on the 13th July (about the 12th July for Europe/Nth America). Orders to purchase your own wall art open on the 14th July and close on the 28th July (Aust / Japan timezones). Following which the prints will be made, framed, signed, and delivered in early August. The options will be for the print to be about A4 or A3 sizes (the frames will be slightly larger). The frames will be black aluminum, with black borders; the print will be on matte paper. Please sign up to a mail list so you can receive updates on future offers, competitions, and more.

Please tell all your friends about this. The more people who know, the more likely the winner can get their prize. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to just give stuff away without a minimum number of sales first. So, I hope you like the work I do, and I hope you can help with this, and future art projects.

July Art Print Vote & Giveaway

Tree Nation, us, and you!

We’re so, so excited to announce this. We hope you can get as excited as we are. Now, we at we have a tree added to our forest, and we hope that you can join us in becoming carbon neutral. On our scale of economy for now, we will invest €10/month for a monthly commitment. In the future, we hope to offset carbon on a monthly basis at a greater scale, so that as a community we are all contributing. Details of the project so far:

For each tree that is planted, two things happen. One, it converts harmful CO2 into oxygen for us to breathe. Two, it locks carbon in the body of the tree as well, thus removing it from the atmosphere. In fact, there are many other benefits to having trees. These act as a home for animals, cool the ambient temperature (especially important in summer), provide resources to support local and global economies, hold the structure of the soil together to prevent erosion and other major problems; and there are many, many more important functions trees perform.

ABlyth Social Responsibility Series: Make Trees. Products on sale now at

ABlyth Social Responsibility Series: Make Trees. Products on sale now at

What does carbon neutral mean? We need to offset about 9 tonnes of carbon a year, which on average means about two trees per month, per person. Until we build up enough members of our community, we suggest that you also create your own Tree Nation account, do help out directly.

Fall of Nature: Pulp. Available as high quality art prints

Not many people know this about me, but I trained as a biologist in my undergrad years. I learnt so much about how our planet was on a course of doom, even back in the 1990’s. Protecting our natural world became an important thing for me, especially since it is where every human gets food and water from. Without food, water, and shelter, we have nothing, and will ourselves go like the dinosaur: extinct. There simply is no priority higher than taking care of our natural world. I’ve had some involvement with community ecological organisations, but have always wanted to step up my game. Some of my art projects have tried to focus on the loss of the natural environment, including Nuclear Spring and Fall of Nature. I simply cannot do it alone, so I need partners in this; that is you, me, and Tree Nation.

Fall of Nature: Collision. Available as high quality art prints

Not a great view of Japan’s icon

My first time at Mt Fuji, and it seems we’re a week too early for the cherry blossoms, also it’s a cloudy hazy day, so people waited at the pagoda observation platform waiting for a better view to emerge. BUT! The clouds cleared just as we got into the hotel at the end of the day. So, I got a beautiful view that includes a power pole 🤦‍♂️

Quick update 19th March 2018

I’ve been really super busy trying to finish writing a textbook that I should get to the printers either today or tomorrow, because for the next couple of weeks I’ll be touristing about Nagoya, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto, and Shizuoka. For Osaka, I’ll be there for the final day of the Spring sumo tournament on the 25th; should be super exciting. Then see the deer in Nara; and a few days in Kyoto (my favourite city). I had hoped to get a classical photo of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji, but it seems the way they are blooming, we’ll get them in Kyoto and may miss them in Shizuoka.

Latest items at

Latest items at

During this time, I’ll be getting tonnes of great photos, and new t-shirt and poster ideas for If you haven’t already noticed, there is a competition where you can win upto USD$150 worth of ABlyth branded clothes. This will allow you to choose what shirts, designs, and products you want. Which means, you could also choose from any new designs that are created while I’m travelling about. Enter either at JapanesePhotos.Asia homepage, or at

Also, I’m really excited to see people ordering ABlyth products, and even happier to see photos of these sent to me. FYI, there are discount codes available if you show your ABlyth product on FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #ablyth and the link. Yes, this project is still new, and so we’re doing everything possible to get the word out, and we’re very happy to give you discounts for helping. So, post your photos with the ABlyth products, and alert us, and we’ll get you a 15% discount code for your next order.

Shrine Maidens at the Tagata Fertility Festival 2018

Shrine Maidens at the Tagata Fertility Festival 2018

Last week was a terrible week for me (Andrew). I have four days straight of migraines. On the day of the Tagata Fertility Festival, I decided I had to get out, and I had to use my last migraine pill. I spent the day there getting photos like this one below, without pain, but totally spaced-out on analgesics. Now, big question, will there be a t-shirt with a fertility festival theme coming out? Hmm… On another note, I learnt that anyone can apply to be a shrine maiden for this event, and I assume the same for the men who carry these phallic palanquins through the town. I will write about the Tagata Fertility Festival in the future, but no time today, I’m afraid. More photos will be on the way, and more on the Tagata Fertility Festival in these previous blog posts.

Men carrying the half-tonne phallus and palanquin through the town in the Tagata Fertility Festival 2018.

Men carrying the half-tonne phallus and palanquin through the town in the Tagata Fertility Festival 2018.

How to do Portrait Lighting

Wireless remotes are the way to do portraits. These pictures below used two flashes; it should have been three, but I dropped one and broke the wireless receiver. I always have a Plan B, for when things go wrong, and the shoot carried on anyway. One light is warming the background, whilst the other is providing natural clear light on the model. These are my branded apparel, and I want them to appear as bright and clear as possible, hence the style of lighting. However, how do you work with two, three, or more flashes?

I’ve been able to source some essential photography gear from some suppliers, see here. These days, hotshoe flashes are really powerful, so you can make great portraits without old-style expensive gear, but you need your flashes to synchronise. I wish I could source more Godox, but Yongnuo from Hong Kong does the same job anyway. Oh, and I’m considering hosting a workshop, possibly in May, to introduce Portrait Lighting, Posing, and Modelling. Of course, it will be hosted here in Nagoya. If I do, participants will need at least one hotshoe flash that can be triggered wirelessly, digital camera with hotshoe, the camera instruction manual, and a general use lens about 24-70-ish mm in range. Watch this space for news, or follow me on Twitter.

A great starter kit, field kit, and more, for serious and amateur photographers. Available at

Updates 2nd March and #coupons

Welcome to the new month. What a busy week! Well, I’ve had a busy month designing and preparing designs for shirts, hoodies, and more. Another task I got to was sourcing reliable suppliers for other goods that people like. I think my stuff is great, but that doesn’t mean the ABlyth label has all the goods you need. I was also planning and preparing a shoot which was done on Tuesday this week. There are discounts for shirts, raglans, hoodies, and much more…

A model posing for a product photo for the ABlyth clothing brand

Asia posing for a product photo for the ABlyth clothing brand

I am so grateful to Tetsuya of The Cooper’s Irish Pub (Instagram) in Meieki for letting us use his space. Also, to Asia (that is her name; Instagram) for her hard work, preparation, and commitment to the shoot.

For members of there are some discount offers that are currently running. The offers and discounts cannot be used concurrently, so please choose which one you want to use. They are:

  • First time customers: use “FirstTime20” for 20% off your entire order. Minimum USD$25 purchase, and one use per customer. Offer ends 31st Mar 2018.
  • Sakura products:  It’s springtime in Japan. Use “Sakura2018” discount code for all cherry blossom (sakura) themed products. Minimum USD$25 purchase, ends soon. See here:
  • Free shipping: use “Members2018” for free shipping for all of this year. Minimum USD$25 and maximum USD$100 purchase. Available to all members in all countries; for the entire order.
  • Staff discount: For people I’ve worked with (mostly models and makeup artists, see your info booklet for details; expiration 31st Dec 2018, will be renewed).
  • Social Media Discounts: Follow us, and share photos of your ABlyth branded items on social media with the #ablyth hashtag and @ mention, and receive a your custom discount code for 15% off future orders. Each code is good for 3 months, and so use it to get gifts for friends, family, or just to treat yourself.
  • Newsletter subscribers: Get 10% off your order. Information is sent to you when you signup for a newsletter.
  • More to come. Watch this space (better still, signup for the newsletter and get the jump on everyone else:
A model posing in an ABlyth 3/4 sleeve Raglan Cacophonous City top.

A model posing in an ABlyth 3/4 sleeve Raglan Cacophonous City top.

Asia (the model) said that she really likes this 3/4 sleeve raglan top. I admitted that I just don’t have the confidence to know what designs people like, so hearing that was great. I also admitted that I love raglans, especially this shirt with this image “Wheels”. The material used in this is nice and soft; I love it. You can get yours here.

A foreign model posing for tourist theme photos

A foreign model posing for tourist theme photos

Sakura clothing & phone case #coupon code for this Spring

That’s right. We’re offering 15% off all selected Sakura themed shirts, drawstring bags, and smart phone cases for this spring only.

Travel Japan Series: Sakura Collection 2018

Travel Japan Series: Sakura Collection 2018

Great new shirts for this Spring: #Sakura and #coupon

Recently, we’ve released a great new line of clothing called Travel Japan Series. Today, we’re also celebrating the coming Spring with these new items and a sale. This line is all about the Japanese sakura (aka, cherry blossoms). Cherry blossoms are revered in Japan, and mark a change of year and season. These flowering trees don’t actually produce edible fruit, but only the most delicate and beautiful flowers; albeit, for only one week. Some Springs are warm and sunny, and so every single Japanese person with a picnic blanket goes out and eats, drinks, and relaxes with friends, family, and or colleagues. It is perhaps the one time of year with bosses allows staff to get off early, especially to set up and join the office cherry blossom parties. Learn more about cherry blossoms from previous posts.


  • Discount code: Sakura2018
  • Discount: 10% off entire order
  • Minimum purchase: USD$25
  • Applies to: Entire order (any product)
  • Where: Only at
  • Expires: Soon (TBA)
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Limitations: All registered customers and newsletter subscribers are eligible
  • Automatic discount link:

Order now, so they can arrive in time for cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics.


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