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Scheduled site maintenance 21st Nov

Maintenance on our servers is scheduled for 21st Nov, from 9am to about 3pm Swiss time (about 5pm to 11pm Tokyo time). All websites will be offline for this time. The return to normal service will depend on how well work can be done, and if they can put us back online sooner, they will. We apologise for the interruption, but assure you it means that service we provide will have ensured reliability and longevity.

Why in Swiss time? The servers are in Switzerland, and maintained by a company on our behalf. We chose Switzerland because they have very strong data protection and privacy protection laws, which benefits you and your users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

What Brings Us Together at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition

See my latest Project tentatively titled “What Brings Us Together” at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition at the Nagoya International Centre from Tuesday 30th Oct to Sunday 4th Nov. I’ll be there as often as I can. Drop in and check it out, and the work of other great local artists.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

About super typhoons and Typhoon Jebi

At time of writing we are taking a direct hit from the typhoon. It’s the strongest I’ve experienced since I was in Taiwan. The last typhoon I saw in typhoon I saw a roof lifted and dumped onto the road below my apartment, where a driver stopped and stared at it for a good five minutes before his senses returned. Below is the clean up of that roof. I don’t remember why I didn’t photograph the actual incident. I just heard the loud crashing sound from inside my apartment.

Roofs can be deadly flying debris during a typhoon. Photo taken in Taiwan, 2005.

Roofs can be deadly flying debris during a typhoon. Photo taken in Taiwan, 2005.

Wind gusts of over 250km/h or about 125kt are strong enough for any flying debris to be deadly. DO NOT GO OUT if it is anywhere close to a super typhoon, and of course do not go out into a super typhoon.

Super typhoons can tear branches of trees and uproot others.

Super typhoons can tear branches of trees and uproot others.


Typhoons can be very dangerous. Here’s a sample of the dangers.


Model Call in Nagoya 29th Sept #ModelCall

Only open to people already or about to be in Nagoya Japan. If you’re travelling through, and will be in Nagoya on that afternoon, please get in touch. If you can’t do this, could you please pass this information onto a friend who might be interested. Also this is a great opportunity to build your portfolio, and to get know by me a photographer for future work. Updates to the following information will come.

What: Pose as customers in a local pub for commercial art project. The photos will be displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition in the first week of November.

Who: Limited to four people (preferably two men & two women) of about 30 years old. Nationalities should be mixed including Japanese and others.

When: 2-4pm, Saturday 29th Sept

Where: Local pub in Meieki, Nagoya, Japan.

Wear: Smart casual (more information to come)

Preparation: All models will be sent a Shoot Plan, which provides information to study, including how to pose, suggested pose styles, and makeup requirements and advice.

Makeup: This is a low-budget shoot, so sadly we cannot have the assistance of a MUA this time. Please prepare your own makeup as stated in the Shoot Plan.

Benefits: Trade-for-prints (up to 10 images for your portfolio and social media self-promotion, number of images will be decided later), and up to two free drinks provided by the venue. Possibility for more work in the future.

Legal: All models will be required to sign an industry standard model release in either English or Japanese.

Language: At least some English required; Japanese abilities are helpful.

Outcome: The images will be used in an art exhibition and online.


See here for more information about model calls, and here for How to Model. モデル求人 and モデルのやり方.

A young lady in a local pub. A young lady in a local pub.

Art Print disruptions for upcoming US holidays

I’ve received an email warning of disruptions to art print services by one of my automatic fulfillment vendors, AdoramaPix, in the US. This only applies to some art products that can be ordered via, but does not affect Information I received is as follows:

…print partner AdoramaPix will be closed and pausing order fulfillment September 10 and September 11 in observance of the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday, September 19 in observance of Yom Kippur,  and September 24 – October 1 in observance of Sukkot. …

  • FOR ROSH HASHANAH: Orders placed before 5 PM ET on September 7th will be fulfilled before AdoramaPix closes. Orders placed after this or during the closure will be fulfilled when AdoramaPix returns on September 14th.
  • FOR SUKKOT: Orders placed before 5 PM ET on September 19th will be fulfilled before AdoramaPix closes. Orders placed after this or during the closure will be fulfilled when AdoramaPix returns on October 2nd.

New artwork: Meieki Blur on sale until 20th Aug, order now

I’ve been sooooo incredibly busy. I wish I could have put this out sooner. This image was chosen after the voting competition to choose the best in July, and where Robin M won. However, for him/her to claim their prize, we need at least 12 sales. Please share this information, but more importantly, please please decorate your walls with this very fine art print. This will be on sale until 20th Aug 2018, so order now. After the 20th I’ll begin the printing and mounting process, and orders will be put into the mail as soon as possible. A portion of sales will also contribute to Tree Nation, and organisation that aims to support the future. More images and details at:

Each print will be hand-signed and numbered by Andrew. This print will be the first of a series on a similar theme.

Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.

Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.


Andrew signing a print of Meieki Blur.


Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.

Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.


Andrew testing different pens to find the one that works best for signing this particular image.


Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.

Frame art prints of Meieki Blur on sale until the 20th Aug 2018.

Nagoya Summer Sumo Tournament 2018

I’ll be at the Nagoya tournament on Wednesday 11th July. Photos may be available later that day for online sale via my portfolio within hours of the tournament finishing that day (6pm local time). However, exclusive rights can be purchased, and photos can be delivered raw during the event if you contact me as soon as possible.

At the Osaka Spring Sumo Tournament

At the Osaka Spring Sumo Tournament

July Wall-Art Voting Competition

It’s simple, choose your favourite image from the five in this month’s competition, and hope for the best. If there are at least 12 confirmed sales of the art, then the winner will receive their wall art too. Voting ends at midnight, Melbourne Aust time, on the 13th July (about the 12th July for Europe/Nth America). Orders to purchase your own wall art open on the 14th July and close on the 28th July (Aust / Japan timezones). Following which the prints will be made, framed, signed, and delivered in early August. The options will be for the print to be about A4 or A3 sizes (the frames will be slightly larger). The frames will be black aluminum, with black borders; the print will be on matte paper. Please sign up to a mail list so you can receive updates on future offers, competitions, and more.

Please tell all your friends about this. The more people who know, the more likely the winner can get their prize. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to just give stuff away without a minimum number of sales first. So, I hope you like the work I do, and I hope you can help with this, and future art projects.

July Art Print Vote & Giveaway

Model Call: Tokyo Travel Themed Street Shoot

Yay! I’ll be in Tokyo for a short trip on Tuesday / Wednesday. I hope to meet some models I hope to work with again later in July and August.

What: Photos of a tourist exploring the busy streets of Tokyo. The images will mostly be used for self-promotion for direct to client promotions and social media.
When: 3rd/4th July
– Tuesday afternoon / evening (times: TBC)
– Wednesday early morning (before things get too busy) / Afternoon (times: TBC)
Where: (TBC) Meet and discuss the shoot in a convenient café, near where we will shoot.
– Tuesday either Akihabara / Shibuya
– Wednesday Akihabara and (TBA)
Style: Casual / stylish, or all white.
Makeup: This is a low-budget shoot, please do your own.
Legal: You’ll be asked to sign a fairly standard model release.
Benefits:  You will get a selection of photos that you can use for your own self-promotion.
Contact:  Email me asap.

Please check this page again, as there will be updates.

Young Japanese lady in the trendy part of Nagoya city at night. Young Japanese lady in the trendy part of Nagoya city at night.

Model Call & Assistant Wanted in Nagoya in May/June

This is only for people in Japan, especially in or near Nagoya.

Part 1: Model call;  Part 2: Assistant needed

Hot new products for summer 2018

Hot new products for summer 2018

Part 1, Model Call

Who:  Women, preferably expats or travelling models visiting Japan. Basic English skills will help.

What:  Summer themed clothing & fashion shoot, including swimwear

When:  TBC (probably 31st May, 6th, 13th, or 20th June), and again in July and/or August.

Where:  Possibly Utsumi Beach (Aichi), or similar place. If the model is based in another city like Tokyo, Osaka, or other, we may meet near there instead.

Transport:  Public transport will be reimbursed (paid back, please keep receipts or photos of tickets)

Benefits:  Usually ¥2,500/hour (depending on model) for four or five hours, transport time not included. Plus receive at least five key photos from the shoot. Model may keep the clothing for social media promotion purposes. More information about social media product placement and brand promotion provided when you contact me.

Collaboration projects, you of course won’t get paid, unless we can make sales. I’m considering 1. An Instagram project (portraits in the city), and 2. making a photo book and calendar. Let me know if you’re interested, or if you have your own idea.

MUST:  Provide information about your clothing sizes as soon as possible, including type of mobile phone you have (especially if you have an iPhone or Samsung). Have own medical insurance.

Generally modelling information:  Here.

Contact:  Please contact me as soon as possible.

Views of Utsumi Beach, Aichi, Japan.

Views of Utsumi Beach, Aichi, Japan.

Part 2, Assistant Wanted

Who:  A bilingual (English / Japanese) speaker needed; some Chinese abilities may also help. Since most models are women, a female assistant is preferred, but a male assistant will be hired if no one else suitable can be found.

What:  Assist with photography shoots.

Benefits:  Pay is usually ¥1,000/hour; usually for three to five hours each job, plus an hour of preparation before. Transport time not included.

When:  For the job above, plus occasionally through the year. May involve travel to other cities.

Transport:  Will be provided or reimbursed.

Description:  To assist the photographer with basic tasks on a photo-shoot, including holding flashes/lights, reflectors, replacing batteries, and other basic tasks. Also to assist the model(s) when required.

Requirements:  Bilingual or have good-enough abilities in English & Japanese. Driver’s license may sometimes help. Some social media skills (especially Twitter and Instagram). Have own medical insurance.

ABlyth Product Banner March 2018

ABlyth Product Banner March 2018

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