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Hakuba Mountains

For the first time I could see the tops of the mountains here in Hakuba. It’s about zero degrees Celsius, just my guess from seeing watery-ice in the empty rice fields. Wearing a thermal shirt, a hoodie, and snow jacket makes me feel toasty and warm. It really doesn’t feel cold.
I started the day with a terrible headache, I guess from the release of built up lactic acid in my muscles, and the two days of snowboarding. Anyway, today’s a rest day, so I went for a walk and got some photos for tomorrow’s Wednesday Wander. Depending on the weather, I hope to be back on the mountain trying to perfect my chicken salads, c-turns, and disembarking from the lifts 😄
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View from Imori

The view from Imori. Surprisingly, I’m quite hot and sweaty! It’s just not cold enough! 😄
I’ve been announcing on social media that I’m currently in Hakuba until the 27th Dec, and available to do portrait work. Please contact me asap so we can organise a time and place. Payments will be made to PayPal, and more details are on the new TravelPhotos.Asia/portraits website.
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Sunday Surprise Autumn Christmas

In an unexpected new segment we are calling Sunday Surprise, is this little random gem I found on my way to the sports store. I have no idea who did this or why, but it’s a nice find. It’s still autumn and it’s celebrating christmas already.
I picked up a few things, so hopefully next week’s snowboarding trip will be a good one.
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Autumn Leaves at Nagoya TV Tower

This Wednesday Wander will come in two parts, just because Instagram doesn’t like mixing wide & tall photos in one post. Short story, still have a cold, nose stuffy, husky but nasally voice, and low energy. Husky voices are sexy, but not when they’re nasally too. 😄🤧 This is not the photographic adventure I wanted to do, but it’s the one I can do. Sakae is in-exotically downtown, easily accessible, but close to cafes and lunch venues; perfect for me today.
Update for those in the know, my new Canon 6Dmk2 with Tamron 24-70mm SPf2.8 is still amazing me. Brilliant combo.
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What Brings Us Together at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition

See my latest Project tentatively titled “What Brings Us Together” at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition at the Nagoya International Centre from Tuesday 30th Oct to Sunday 4th Nov. I’ll be there as often as I can. Drop in and check it out, and the work of other great local artists.
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Kyoto Restaurant

This Wednesday Wander is a file photo because I’ve been terribly ill these last three days. It’s a tragedy, because I just upgraded cameras, and can’t get out and use it. 😞 Anyway, this is from Kyoto, where a guy is relaxing in a restaurant that overlooks a little canal. I like it because of the mystery, and that he’s framed in the window and with the branches seemingly reaching out to pull him outdoors.
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