Photo shoots for models

Cn: 模特拍照; Jp: モデルの写真撮影; Kr: 모델을 위한 사진 촬영 ; Tw: Coming soon.

This service is especially great for international models visiting or newly arrived to Japan. Add professional photos to your Instagram feed and to your modelling portfolio. Make yourself appear really international and professional. Additionally, Andrew and his makeup artist can provide some local guidance, travel advice, and information on Japan. There are three options, a mutually beneficial shoot, an exclusive shoot, or answer a model call.

Sabrina exploring Tokyo.

Sabrina at Meiji Shrine, Tokyo.

Option 1: Mutually beneficial shoot

Andrew wants to expand his photo library of travel photos ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and you want high quality photos in Japan to make you look like a true international model. Let’s help each other out. Andrew asks that you sign a model release and allow him to sell the photos for mainly tourism purposes, and you will get a batch of the best photos at web and full size for your personal promotional use especially for Instagram and your modelling agency. Together, we can plan an itinerary, and plan a shoot. Usually, to show that you were in Japan it’s best to shoot street photos with Japanese signs behind you, shoot at Japanese icons (like Hachiko, and Asakusa), show you wearing a kimono (kimono rentals are totally cool but at your expense), or at Shinto Shrines; see the samples on this page.

A young lady renting a kimono, enjoying walking around Gion, Kyoto.

A young lady renting a kimono, enjoying walking around Gion, Kyoto.

Itinerary ideas

We can make our own plans, but here are some places where we could shoot:


Tokyo Nagoya Kyoto
Asakusa Nagoya Castle Kinkakuji Pavilion
Sensoji Temple Atsuda Shrine Gion & Yasaka Shrine
Shibuya Crossing &


Nagoya Tower &

Oasis 21

Kyoto Station &

back streets

 Meiji Shrine & Harajuku
Various Japan-related scenes.

Various Japan-related scenes.

Option 2: Exclusive shoot

An exclusive photo shoot is possible, where only you get to keep and use the photos. Andrew will never use these photos, and they can be used by you for any reason you want. In most cases, minimum fee is ¥50,000 (about USD$500), which covers the shoot, post-processing, and some other costs, but does not cover all expenses. Please contact us for specific pricing and more information.


Makeup artist preparing a model for a lifestyle shoot in an old-style Japanese home.

Makeup artist preparing a model for a lifestyle shoot in an old-style Japanese home.

Makeup artist

It’s usually best to have the help of a makeup artist. The mutually beneficial shoot (option 1) will be done as cheap and simple as possible, so having a makeup artist is optional, but Andrew recommends we cost-share a makeup artist to help you and him. The makeup artist can do your makeup, take care of your looks during the shoot and check for problems (especially hair and clothing), personally help you with their Japanese language skills, and provide extra help to both you and Andrew during the shoot. In short, the makeup artist will be like your best friend.

Young women sightseeing at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo. Ana's and Joanie's galleries.

Young women sightseeing at Sensoji Temple, Asakusa, Tokyo. Ana’s and Joanie’s galleries.


3. Model Call

See here for a current model call.


The languages we (Andrew and the makeup artist) can use are Japanese and English; sorry, we don’t have a Chinese or Korean speaking MUA at the moment. However, we do speak in very simple English if needed. We are nice patient people. We also plan ahead, so everyone knows what to do during the shoot. Remember, it does make you look more professional and international to have your name and details on social media written in both English and Japanese on social media and websites.


Note: The English language version of this page is the most up to date.


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