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November has been an interesting month. First, getting over random illnesses. Second, getting the new website online. Third, I now have a print-version of my portfolio (sort of). Fourth, it’s autumn in Japan; and it’s BEAUTIFUL! Fifth, I am getting very concerned about the climate and the environment… and I hope that we can help it. There’s a short Christmas message at the end.

Let’s skip over illnesses, and look at what I did during that time. Despite feeling poorly, weakly, stuffy, snuffly, coughy, I still got out and tried to get some autumnal photos. I couldn’t travel to the destinations I wanted, but I still managed to get some interesting photos locally. This photo features a few things about my style: I look for different perspectives, colour contrasts, natural colours (no tacky Instagramy filters), and non-cliche.

Autumn leaves at Nagoya TV Tower

Autumn leaves at Nagoya TV Tower

Secondly, the new website TravelPhotos.Asia is up, still a work in progress, but it’s there. I’ve realised that I’m over-using recent photos and not showing enough variety, so I’ll dig a bit deeper into my archives when I get the chance in the future. I’m still adding more to my Instagram account, so you can see the latest there.

Autumn scenes at Gifu Park with a lady in a bridal kimono posing for another photographer's shoot.

Autumn scenes at Gifu Park with a lady in a bridal kimono posing for another photographer’s shoot.

Thirdly, I don’t have much experience in dealing with the North American and European clients beyond stock photography, but I do know that having a physical portfolio is important. I’ve spent some time working on my portfolio, there’s still some tweaks needed, but it is representative of my work and I’m surprised that I could easily pull together a great collection of images; and I’m a little proud after seeing the final selection. In this first ‘edition’, I was happy with the texture of the paper, and I think matte paper is better, as shine on gloss hides portions of the photo. However, the size seemed too small for my liking. One challenge was finding an online company that can do a quality job, and deal with international types like me, so for time being I’ll use Blurb unless I can get a better recommendation. Currently, I’m editing a larger version, and I would be very happy to send it to you to look at with pre-addressed return labels; contact me if you’d like to see my work. Any feedback would be appreciated, but importantly I hope that you can get a feel for the quality of my work.

Andrew Blyth showing his draft portfolio

Andrew Blyth showing his draft portfolio

Fourthly, winter is coming!… to Japan. How can I resist saying that?! I enjoy snowboarding, and I can work well in cold weather. I’ll be heading to Hakuba, which is an easy hop, skip, and a jump away. I’d be happy to go again for more photos if you like. Anyway, just letting know and giving you inspiration for the photography that you can request.

Fifthly, there are more and more headlines regarding the climate and the environment. I already do monthly donations to Tree Nation, who help offset my carbon emissions to help me try to be as carbon-neutral as possible. With your help, I’d like to contribute more. Either, become your own direct supporters of Tree Nation, or hire me for your projects, and I can boost my contributions to Tree Nation. The photo below is one of my top selling stock photos (back when I thought stock was cool). It was taken in 2007 in Yokkaichi Japan, which was regarded as the worst polluted places in Japan in the 1960s, which had the worst incidences of respiratory illnesses. Today, it is much cleaner and safer. After seeing too many recent stories of sea life with plastic in their stomachs, and more stories like this: I really want to photograph more, and show more to help encourage more people to do right for the future generations. I want to show the problems, and the solutions. I hope that you have a project that I can help with, or can help sponsor me to photograph and share these stories.

An oil refinery in the port of Yokkaichi. (Note, the colours were adjusted for dramatic effect)

An oil refinery in the port of Yokkaichi. (Note, the colours were adjusted for dramatic effect)

Finally, Andrew is available for commercial and editorial photography projects anywhere in Asia. He is currently working to fill his 2019 schedule, so please get in touch soon. With his passport he is able to stay in almost any country for as long as the project requires. He has professional equipment, and is focused on getting the job done, despite difficulties and problems that might arise. He has abilities in Japanese, Korean, and a bit in Mandarin. He also knows how to pickup enough survival language for other countries, and lots of experience in working with non-native speakers of English. He can find and organise the right people to help with the job at hand. To learn more about his company see TravelPhotos.Asia, and contact him here or by replying to this email.

Andrew photographing autumn scenes at Gifu Park (self portrait)

Andrew photographing autumn scenes at Gifu Park (self portrait)

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year. I won’t write again until may be mid January or early February, but feel free to contact me any time for me to to help you with your next project.

2019 Calendars

Great for Japanophiles, for friends & family back home. These calendars are about A4 size per page, about A3 when open. It includes Japanese holidays, card like pages so they have a great soft texture, and of course great photos.

Update. As of the 30th Nov, there may be delays of 3-5 days for 2019 calendar orders, as the print vendor had a better than expected Black Friday / Cyber Monday period. You can still get them before Christmas if you order now, and see previews here


Scheduled site maintenance 21st Nov

Maintenance on our servers is scheduled for 21st Nov, from 9am to about 3pm Swiss time (about 5pm to 11pm Tokyo time). All websites will be offline for this time. The return to normal service will depend on how well work can be done, and if they can put us back online sooner, they will. We apologise for the interruption, but assure you it means that service we provide will have ensured reliability and longevity.

Why in Swiss time? The servers are in Switzerland, and maintained by a company on our behalf. We chose Switzerland because they have very strong data protection and privacy protection laws, which benefits you and your users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Autumn Leaves at Nagoya TV Tower

This Wednesday Wander will come in two parts, just because Instagram doesn’t like mixing wide & tall photos in one post. Short story, still have a cold, nose stuffy, husky but nasally voice, and low energy. Husky voices are sexy, but not when they’re nasally too. 😄🤧 This is not the photographic adventure I wanted to do, but it’s the one I can do. Sakae is in-exotically downtown, easily accessible, but close to cafes and lunch venues; perfect for me today.
Update for those in the know, my new Canon 6Dmk2 with Tamron 24-70mm SPf2.8 is still amazing me. Brilliant combo.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

What Brings Us Together at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition

See my latest Project tentatively titled “What Brings Us Together” at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition at the Nagoya International Centre from Tuesday 30th Oct to Sunday 4th Nov. I’ll be there as often as I can. Drop in and check it out, and the work of other great local artists.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

Cooper’s Pub shoot and Trami the Typhoon

The Irish Music Night at The Cooper's Irish Pub, in Nagoya.

The Irish Music Night at The Cooper’s Irish Pub, in Nagoya.

I did a pub shoot last night. It was a fun challenge. It was an Irish music night, and it was fantastic, and we were lucky to have a great Irish dancer do a great performance too. I had to work in very low light and in a small tight space. I did my best to get the standard-clean shot, and some interesting creative photos too. I’m also really lucky to be able to go in and do a shoot with my studio lights.

Irish music and dance at Cooper's Irish Pub

Irish music and dance at Cooper’s Irish Pub

Also, this weekend Super Typhoon Trami is arriving. It’s a seriously strong and therefore very dangerous typhoon. Please do not, do not, go out. Stockup on supplies today (Saturday), and then Netflix and chill the typhoon. For more information about the typhoon, please follow the Twitter hashtag #typhoon or #typhoontrami

During the typhoon, I’ll be working on photos from today’s pub shoot. Any work/background music recommendations?

Super Typhoon Trami

Super Typhoon Trami

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