There are a few things we can do to help you.

  1. Sell stock photos from our photo library & agents
  2. Do non-exclusive (cost-share) product shoots
  3. Do exclusive product shoots
  4. Travel shoots
  5. Travel articles (see that page)
  6. Photo shoots for models (see that page)

1. Stock photos

We have a vast collection of photos mainly of Japan, Japanese life style, culture, tourism, religion, and more. We also have photos from a scattering of other countries like South Korea, Vietnam, and more. These are available from our portfolios at Alamy, Asian Photo Connection, and PhotoShelter. Also, coupon discounts are periodically available for PhotoShelter hosted images.

From our photo library: Ramen is a quick, cheap, healthy, and popular food in Japan.


Photo shoot services for lifestyle and product placement for social media.

Photo shoot services for lifestyle and product placement for social media.

2. Non-exclusive (cost-share) product shoots

Give your product the look of being accepted, normalised, and international. Make your company look truly global with our Japan-based aesthetics. Many people revere the Japanese for their focus on quality, and so you should have your product associated with this reputation.

Non-exclusive product shoots are a unique service invented by JapanesePhotos.Asia. We really haven’t seen any other photographers offer this. A few times a year we offer small businesses an economical, high-quality, lifestyle-product shoot. A normal photo shoot can cost from USD$2,000. Instead, cost-share with other (non-competing) businesses. You will share the cost of location rental, model and makeup artist, studio assistant, photographer, and other costs. This is great for small businesses and startups, and for products that are expected to be low-profit. These photos are good for use on social media, Amazon, Instagram, your own website, anywhere. You will have an unrestricted licence to use the photos to promote your product, but the photos cannot be sold or re-licensed (except for media-promotional use).

There are three tiers, going from early bird to late commitments, which also goes from cheap to higher-cost. What you get for an “early bird” USD$200 pledge, ten web-sized and ten full-sized photos, and two 5-10 second long videos. What is “early bird”? For the first group of ten backers get this discounted price. The next group of ten pledge is $250, and then $300 for the next group of ten. You can send a maximum of 5 similar prototypes or samples for us to shoot. See here for the latest scheduled non-exclusive product shoot.

Sample product shoot with Korean green tea cups.


3. Exclusive product shoots

This gives you your own look, style, and aesthetic that is not shared with any other company. Costs will vary, but depends on how many models are needed, the location needed, support staff needed, type of post-processing required, and the intended use. Shoots can be done confidentially or with social media involvement. Contact us for more information.

Young lady having lunch at an exclusive restaurant in Saigon, Vietnam (photo was not commissioned, so is available for rights-managed licencing).


Sample product shoot. A young lady at Sensoji Temple with iconic lantern and Tokyo Skytree Tower in the background.

Sample product shoot. A young lady at Sensoji Temple with iconic lantern and Tokyo Skytree Tower in the background.


4. Travel Shoots

We have, do, and will go places. Do you need a particular place photographed? Do you need a series of travel photos for your article or campaign? We can help. We can do cityscape scenes, and scenes with models (local and or expat). We can shoot your product in an authentic travel/tourist scene. Contact us to tell us what you need. We can also do travel articles which includes stories and photos.

A young American lady with a Japan guide book at a Tokyo Station subway exit, with the iconic Tokyo Station building in the background.