Photography & Writing for Businesses

Promotions these days must be done online. It is commonly said that, “if you don’t have an online presence, you simply don’t exist”. Having low-quality photos of your product, business, or service on your Instagram feed does not fill your viewers with confidence. Instead, feed them with “wow” photos, that makes them flock to your account. Get more eyeballs onto your business.

Andrew can shoot for your needs; he’s very flexible like that. We can shoot direct to your Instagram account, or simply shoot your business, supply the photos, and then you can drip-feed great photos to your viewers, turning them into loyal customers.

Andrew can provide professional level photography and writing to help promote your small or large business in your area especially to non-Japanese customers. Andrew is based in Nagoya, but can travel to most places in Japan.

アンドリュー (Andrew)はプロの写真を提供し、特に日本人でないお客様がお住まいの地域の小企業、大企業の宣伝文書も手がけます。Andrewは名古屋を拠点にしていますが、日本国内であればどちらにでもお伺い出来ます。

A model posing in a shoot for a local Nagoya pub

A model posing in a shoot for a local Nagoya pub

Did you know that of all of Japans’ tourists, only 3 million are from Western countries? The most common reasons include the perceived lack of access because of the language barrier, which also makes Japan seem like a boring country (source). Be that business that makes Japan seem cool, and also get all the tourist money.


A ceramics store owner in Seoul, South Korea.


Services can include/サービス内容:

  • On-site photography
  • Writing information, explanations, captions, directions, and more in English
  • Proofread, edit, and correct translations (avoid weird, awkward, or embarrassing errors)
  • Arrange for translations into English and other languages (esp. Chinese simple/traditional, Korean, French, German, and more)
  • Provide basic website html5 code for formatting and image linking
  • Exclusive photography
  • Can arrange models and makeup artists to make your business appear humanised (both local and expat models are possible)
  • And more
  • 現場での写真撮影
  • 英文での情報、説明、見出し、指示書などの書き出し
  • 校正、編集、翻訳文の訂正(不自然で恥ずかしい間違いを避けるため)
  • 英語や他の言語への翻訳(特に簡単で伝統的な中国語、韓国語、フランス語、ドイツ語、その他)
  • フォーマッティングと写真リンクの基本的なウェブのhtml5コードの作成
  • 単独撮影
  • あたなの会社を暖かみのあるように見せるためにモデルやメイクアップアーティストを手配することも可能です(ローカルモデル、外国人モデルどちらもできます)
  • その他

This service is especially for for restaurants, cafes, bars, clothing stores, hotels, tour companies, (bicycle, canoe, ski, etc) equipment hire companies, and more.


Please contact us (in English or Japanese). お問い合わせはこちらまで(日本語、英語どちらでも)


Working with Brooke in Osaka.


Joanie, an expat model in Tokyo.