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JapanesePhotos.Asia needs your help to continue to produce travel stories, travel guides, and travel photos that can help you and the community. There are three ways for regular people to support us, and to access our great photos for non-commercial use:

1. Purchase our photos via my PhotoShelter Portfolio, where there is cheap photos for bloggers.

2. Subscribe via Patreon.com/ablyth, where there is exclusive content available for patrons that is not available anywhere else.

3. Support via Flattr (a popular microdonation platform) especially so folks on social networks who enjoy my work can contribute to helping me make more, bigger, louder, and more fascinating photos in the future. You can help me go to places I would not have tried to afford to and bring back fascinating photos to share. Your microdonations can sponsor more special photo shoots with great models like Ai Tsukamoto and others. As you can see below, I also love to experiment with film and create art projects. Even if you can’t afford to have a print made, you can still enjoy the small electronic versions below and on my portfolio. Currently, I can receive “Flattr” on 500px, Twitter, YouTube, and of course here. So please sponsor me with your microdonations. 🙂  Finally, a special thanks to those who have already flattr’ed me, your help is greatly appreciated.

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A previous art project, Poem of a Cacophonous City:

Andrew Blyth's works on display at the 26th annual Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE26).

Andrew Blyth’s works on display at the 26th annual Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE26).

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