Travel articles

Personal access

Andrew writes short short travel articles and publishes full sized photos on his page. As little as $10 gets you travel articles, and photos for personal blog use, and more. See the Patreon page to learn more.

Professional publications

Andrew can write short or long travel articles, and even sell licence to reprint his existing blog posts about travel. See this example of Okunoshima, aka Rabbit Island. Don’t worry about spelling, he can use both English-English and ‘Merican-English spellings and grammar. He has also published in academic journals and other publications. Andrew has lived in various Asian countries for most of the last two decades, and is currently located in Nagoya in central Japan. Little known fact: he’s a dual citizen with two passports, and has one permanent-residency visa. He has great access to many countries, and he has already travelled to handfuls of European and Asian countries. In short, he knows travel; he knows how to travel; he loves travel; he knows what to look for and how to do things efficiently. Consequently, you should take advantage of his years of experience as a photographer, writer, blogger, and traveller.

Services can include:

  • Research (without travel)
  • Travel to destination for on site research (recommended for a unique and up to date story)
  • Japan and overseas travel is possible (in Asia, he has already visited Sth Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Hong Kong)
  • Social media updates for your accounts
  • Travel article writing and editing
  • Travel related documentary photography (photos that support the article; eg: see Okunoshima, aka Rabbit Island)
  • Hiring a model who can appear in the photographs to give a more humanised perspective (eg: see 5 things to do in Tokyo)
  • Model’s own experiences included in the article (eg: see the Kyoto kimono rental article)
  • And more

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