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Where should I go? Making a travel guide and get incredible autumn photos

In short, I will make a travel guide for a autumn-colours tourist spot here in Japan.

There is fledgling community of patrons following JapanesePhotos.Asia at Patreon.com/ablyth. There, I post a photo a week and share travel guide information for followers. From the 1st October a poll opens only for patrons in the $5 tier. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas on where I should go. I hope to create a great travel guide for a place to see autumn colours here in Japan. If we get enough funding, then I can travel to more adventurous places, or get the help of models (may be in a kimono).

Join the community, have your say, and access content including photos. Usually, these photos cost USD$25 each, but the minimum is $1 or $5 (whatever you can chip in).

POTW 29 Oct: Autumn in Japan

Photo of the Week: Nagoya Castle in Autumn

Autumn is a great time in Japan. The leaves change from a dusty worn out green to vibrant reds, oranges, and yellow, which are the last burst of colour before the drab bare winter. Many Japanese people like to flock to places for autumn leaf viewing, much in the same way they flock to places for cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. Perhaps the most famous place in Japan is Arashiyama in Kyoto. The temples and shrines often have have great trees and ‘social atmosphere’, so too castles, and some popular hiking destinations. It’s painted as a place that is tranquil and “zen”, but with 40,000 other people to enjoy the autumn ‘tranquillity’, it’s more like a social occasion. My autumn photos can be found on my agent’s website Asia Photo Connection, and my portfolio on PhotoShelter.