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Where should I go? Making a travel guide and get incredible autumn photos

In short, I will make a travel guide for a autumn-colours tourist spot here in Japan.

There is fledgling community of patrons following JapanesePhotos.Asia at Patreon.com/ablyth. There, I post a photo a week and share travel guide information for followers. From the 1st October a poll opens only for patrons in the $5 tier. I am looking forward to hearing your ideas on where I should go. I hope to create a great travel guide for a place to see autumn colours here in Japan. If we get enough funding, then I can travel to more adventurous places, or get the help of models (may be in a kimono).

Join the community, have your say, and access content including photos. Usually, these photos cost USD$25 each, but the minimum is $1 or $5 (whatever you can chip in).

POTW 25 Nov 2013: Autumnal afternoon

This Photo of the Week is of a great model I worked with recently. You’ll have seen her in previous POTWs, but not as relaxed. However, it’s a little cooler now than what it was when this photo was taken, but just imagine a warmer late afternoon sun in the early autumn. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter portfolio, and my agent’s website.

TGIF 15Nov 2013 Nagoya Castle in Autumn

Looking for something to see or do this weekend? Nagoya Castle will probably be surrounded in autumnal colours (not that I’ve seen it recently). I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed anyway. It’s a great place to go in any case. There’s something about the castle that attracts folks with cameras all year round. I’ve seen wonderful photos of it in autumn, spring, summer, and under snow. It’s one of those places you can keep going back to for photos. Since the original castle and attached palace was fire-bombed in the war, the castle you see below is made of cement and has a museum inside. But don’t worry if you or your buddy has a baby in a pram, there is an elevator. The gold things on top are indeed golden dolphins. The idea is that since dolphins live in the water, and they are perched there, then the castle won’t catch fire and burn down… so the theory says. They are currently rebuildiing the palace in time for the 400th anniversary of the castle complexes construction. I think they are near completion, so it would be interesting to see. To get there, take the Meijo Line to the Shyakusho-mae Station (City Hall station), and go out from Exit 7, it will be easy (and obvious) to find.

TGIF Autumn in Japan

It’s TGIF, again! Looking for something to do… well not this weekend, but sometime this month Gozaisho in Mie will look like this, and you’ll be able to either hike or stroll around there. This photo, and others like it are available on my agent’s website.

A gondola at a popular mountain hiking destination, Gozaisho, during autumn, Japan.

A gondola at a popular mountain hiking destination, Gozaisho, during autumn, Japan.

For travellers

The following is some information I posted on one of my old websites many years ago.

This is a great day trip that you can take by train. All you need is a good camera, good footwear (no heels or flip-flops / thongs), some money (of course), some energy snacks, and some mates. You’ll be 1,212m above sea level, so expect it to be a little cool and breezy.

For Japanese signs and maps:

Yunoyama: 湯の山, Gozaisho dake: 御在所岳, Yunoyama-Onsen: 湯の山温泉.

What you can see and do there:

The autumn leaves there are spectacular. Before this, I never understood the Japanese love of autumn leaves, and especially thought it odd that men got excited about these. For me, it was a good Japanese experience, and a great photographic one, too. In the off season, it’ll be great mountain hiking, skiing in winter, and just great views of unusual rock formations (see photos on my agent’s website).

How to get there:

From Nagoya, take the Kintetsu express to Yokkaichi, and then change to a branch line to the Yunoyama-Onsen station. There is a bus available from spring to late autumn, but not in winter. If you drive, be warned, that it’s really popular and you’ll have to wait hours for one of the 300 or so car parking spaces available. So, try to get there before 9am to have a hope of getting a parking spot. Car parking for us was 800yen for the day. From the Yunoyama bus stop or car park, it’s a 5-10min walk to the cable car (or ropeway / ロープウエイ), just walk up the hill. Then take the “ropeway” up to the top of the mountain. The mountain top is called Gozaisho-dake. It cost us ¥1,890 for a return ticket.

Suggested things to do:

1. Take the cable car up, take pictures on the way up, and from up there. Have lunch at the cafeteria. Don’t expect anything gourmet, it’s just regular cafeteria food. Lunch there is mostly ramen or stew with rice.

2. Cable car up, then walk / scramble over rocks and around trees for that real mountain hiking adventure. You’ll see more fantastic views than just from the top of the mountain.

3. In winter, from the mountain top, take the ski lift (with ski gear or snowboard) to the ski slope and have a ball over there. It’s a great place to go with a few friends, and it’ll be a great experience that you can write home about, and have some great pictures to brag about, too.

POTW 23Sept 2013: Autum at Nagoya Castle

Autumn has began, and here are two symbols of it, an autumnal cherry tree and Nagoya Castle. Japanese love the autumn colours almost as much as the cherry blossom season in Spring. It seems that autumn is the last hurrah of colour for the long, dreary, drab winter.

For this photo, and others like it, see my autumn photos on my PhotoShelter portfolio, and at my agent at Asia Photo Connection / Henry Westheim.

POTW: 26 Nov 2012 Autumn at Gozaisho

Photo of the Week: Autumn at Gozaisho

It’s currently autumn in Japan, and the trees are a fire of reds, oranges, yellows, and still some greens. The photo below is one of mine taken in Mie Prefecture at Mt. Gozaisho, near the well-known Yunoyama town, which is known for its hot springs. Though the photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, perhaps the best colours of autumn is now. Consequently, there are lots of hikers and nature lovers out and about enjoying the hues of autumn. Though places like Nara and Kyoto are the popular destinations, they are the most crowded. For you, Japan is known for its zen, it’s state of peace and tranquillity. Nara and Kyoto are nothing like this western idealistic view of ‘zen’, but Gozaisho and hiking destinations are perhaps the modern equivalent. How times change. In any case, here are some useful websites for is you’re planning a trip: Wikipedia/Gozaisho, and the official Gozaisho website.

Click on the image to be taken to my Agent’s website where the image can be licensed.

Gondolas at Gozaisho, Mie prefecture, central Japan.

Gondolas at Gozaisho, Mie prefecture, central Japan. Click on the image to be taken to the place where it can be licensed.

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