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New camera bag

I’m looking at going overseas for travel, so I need a camera that is not a magnet for thieves. So, naturally, I have some requirements for a bag the will hold (and keep) stuff. I need it to lock. It’s easier to steal something from inside a bag, as the owner will believe that since the bag is there, everything is there, and so the alarm won’t be raised for a long time. Also, it is easier to conceal a stolen item as it is usually smaller than a bag, but it is harder to steal the whole bag. It needs to look casual so it doesn’t look like it’s got a camera or other expensive things inside. I do need it to carry an SLR (or two), some lenses and essential accessories, so it’ll be (and look) heavy. Also as carry-on luggage it needs to carry my laptop and so I need to be able to take it out and put it back in easily during airport screening. Finally, as carry-on luggage it’s got to carry a guidebook and novel.

So in this Japanese store there are hundreds of camera bags, but does any of them meet my requirements? No. Don’t be surprised. There’s only a couple of dozen designs, but they display multiple colours and sizes of essentially the same couple-dozen bags. The most common issue where these bags fail is that zips cannot fit a TSA padlock or there is nothing for the padlock to secure to. Or worse, there are no zips, just clips. Eh, it was so tiring looking around! Did I buy a bag today? No. I’ll have to shop another day.

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