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POTW 25 Feb 2013: Nissan Pivo

A car photo, just because. FYI, it’s the still experimental Nissan Pivo 3, demonstrating it’s astonishingly small turning circle and easy parking abilities, just see the YouTube Pivo video. See more in the Nagoya Motor Show gallery in my PhotoShelter portfolio. This image is available for instant download at web and full-poster sizes, as well as for print and product purchases.

Nagoya Motor Show

This is an annual event, and I was able to attend today. Here is the first of many photos that will be available on my Asia Photo Connection and PhotoShelter portfolios.

Suzuki’s new concept car that is reportedly able to achieve a stunning 32km/l, albeit with a 800cc (0.8lt) turbo charged engine. It looks great, but it looks like an angry cartoon character… an Angry ‘Zuki?