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Tree Nation, us, and you!

We’re so, so excited to announce this. We hope you can get as excited as we are. Now, we at ablyth-shop.com we have a tree added to our forest, and we hope that you can join us in becoming carbon neutral. On our scale of economy for now, we will invest €10/month for a monthly commitment. In the future, we hope to offset carbon on a monthly basis at a greater scale, so that as a community we are all contributing. Details of the project so far: https://tree-nation.com/profile/ablyth.

For each tree that is planted, two things happen. One, it converts harmful CO2 into oxygen for us to breathe. Two, it locks carbon in the body of the tree as well, thus removing it from the atmosphere. In fact, there are many other benefits to having trees. These act as a home for animals, cool the ambient temperature (especially important in summer), provide resources to support local and global economies, hold the structure of the soil together to prevent erosion and other major problems; and there are many, many more important functions trees perform.

ABlyth Social Responsibility Series: Make Trees. Products on sale now at ablyth-shop.com

ABlyth Social Responsibility Series: Make Trees. Products on sale now at ablyth-shop.com

What does carbon neutral mean? We need to offset about 9 tonnes of carbon a year, which on average means about two trees per month, per person. Until we build up enough members of our community, we suggest that you also create your own Tree Nation account, do help out directly.

Fall of Nature: Pulp. Available as high quality art prints

Not many people know this about me, but I trained as a biologist in my undergrad years. I learnt so much about how our planet was on a course of doom, even back in the 1990’s. Protecting our natural world became an important thing for me, especially since it is where every human gets food and water from. Without food, water, and shelter, we have nothing, and will ourselves go like the dinosaur: extinct. There simply is no priority higher than taking care of our natural world. I’ve had some involvement with community ecological organisations, but have always wanted to step up my game. Some of my art projects have tried to focus on the loss of the natural environment, including Nuclear Spring and Fall of Nature. I simply cannot do it alone, so I need partners in this; that is you, me, and Tree Nation.

Fall of Nature: Collision. Available as high quality art prints

Eco-points scam

The Hatoyama Government has made a very public pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 25%. Ambitious, but possible. However, this was made amid a very serious economic downturn, and still the Japanese economy is fragile, and many tens of thousands factory workers are still unemployed. To maintain the economy, keeping money floating and changing hands, the ordinary people are not being asked to pay out so much. Public education is set to become free (a bill will be submitted later this month to parliament), but two important points are being made public in Japanese media. National highway tolls will be cut to just one-thousand yen per section, and “eco-points” (ie: government cashback offers) for all new “ecologically friendly” televisions and other appliances bought.

In previous holidays, we saw that with a decrease to one-thousand yen highway tolls, that there was a significant increase in traffic. Meeting the 25% carbon reduction appears more difficult to attain. However, can eco-points assist in this? Perhaps not. The offer ends on March 31st, 2010.

Our previous television used about 190 watts per hour, and it was an older, 36″ cathode-ray type. The new “eco-friendly” television, at 40″, bought second hand (ex-shop display) uses 170 watts per hour. Hardly a reduction at all. But we do get twenty-thousand yen back from the government, which should cover the electricity bill for the times when I accidentally leave a 40 watt desk lamp on while watching my environmentally friendly television.

Why offer cheaper highway tolls, cash back on electronic products, and free education? Not really to keep the economy turning (at least artificially), but because there’s an upper house election later this year. But a High Definition LCD TV is so much nicer than the previous cathode ray tube.