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TGIF 22 Nov 2013 Travel in Osaka

Here, my two favourite models are working together on this travel themed shoot. I met them in Osaka a couple of weeks ago and made these travel photos at Tenjin Shrine in central Osaka. The shrine is a nice little shrine with a history of only a thousand years or nearly two. The shrine is also host to the annual Tenjin Festival that I shot back in July. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter galleries.

POTW 21 Oct 2013

This Photo of the Week is of Brooke, an expat living in Japan. It was a great pleasure to work with her recently. Just over the weekend I published an early version of this photo on the photographer’s sharing website 500px where it was title “City Angel”, and it scored really high peaking at 92.3%; it was very well received. Photos of Brooke are available for licensing at my PhotoShelter portfolio and perhaps later at my agent’s website.

Outdoor portraits of a twenty-something Caucasian lady.

Outdoor portraits of a twenty-something Caucasian lady.