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The collection

This is the Poem of a Cacophonous City. It is a collection of film images that represents the noise and clutter of Nagoya, a major city in central Japan. It is inspired by a friend of mine, a lady who is twice my age, but she really loves poetry, and is so deep into it, it is astounding at her insight into language and the visual poetry I see in my head when I listen to her read or perform her work. Subtitles for each image also connote a particular aspect of cities. Here is the first blogpost on this collection: POTW: Poem of a Cacophonous City.

Model call: Christmas in Nagoya

This is a open only to people who are in Nagoya, Japan.

Basic info: The shoot is in Nagoya city, and only open to anyone (aged 20 and older). I don’t have any Christmas related photos in my collection, and these are urgently required.

Wanted: male and female models or couples for (outdoor) traveller / tourist type of photos, and candid-like street portraiture. Clothing should be nice, simple, but of tourist-like appearance. It is possible that we cannot get a makeup artist, so be prepared to do your own.
MUA: Makeup artist to ensure the models look great and natural. Provide makeup work, basic hair setting, and nails. Also some general photo shoot assistance.

Theme: Christmas in Japan.
Location: Streets and tourist areas of central Nagoya including Meieki and Sakae.
When: 18th December 2016; morning, afternoon, or evening.
Clothing: This is a low-budget shoot, so there is no wardrobe to be supplied. Please wear something that is fashionable, nice, simple, and with no brands or logos. Comfortable shoes is also best.
Pay: Models, ¥2,500/hour (Japanese currency) each shoot; shoots can be 2 to 4 hours. MUA, ¥5,000 for two hours, plus makeup kit expenses (negotiable).
Required: Models will sign a model release to allow the photos to be used for commercial purposes. Also, a shoot plan will be sent a day or two before the shoot, please study and rehearse these poses.
Links: For general model call information in English and モデル求人日本語, see this announcement on Model Mayhem, Contact me here, or via JapanesePhotos.Asia for more information. My main portfolio is on PhotoShelter.

General advice: Please where full length heat-tech or thermal underclothing, and no clothing with brand logos or print designs. Please do not bring large or heavy bags; you can keep them in a train station locker.

#POTW Christmas in Japan

This Photo of the Week is of course about Christmas. Christmas in Japan is not a family event like it is in Europe, North America, and other such countries. Instead it’s a regular work day, and all good little Japanese boys and girls wake up excitedly and early, and go off to school… as per usual. Otherwise, it’s a day for young couples. Apparently, ever since the 1980’s group Wham released the song Last Christmas, 25th December has been associated with young romance (Japan Today). Additionally, since Christmas lights are so pretty, why take them down after Christmas? Why not rename them as “Winter Illuminations”, and now you’ve got a long-lasting winter delight. These lights below are from the Nabana no Sato (Nabana Park) in Nagashima, which is pretty renowned in central Japan.

This photo, and others like it is available at my agent’s website. Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year and 2014.

A couple admiring the field of decorative lights at Nabana no Sato (Nabana Park) during the annual winter illumination, Nagashima, Mie, Japan

A couple admiring the field of decorative lights at Nabana no Sato (Nabana Park) during the annual winter illumination, Nagashima, Mie, Japan