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New Summer Surf tshirts, tank tops, hoodies now available

Fans and followers will recognise this photo taken a few weeks ago at Utsumi. It’s now available as print-on-demand clothing. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and planning for the shoot, and then a lot of time thinking and planning the design of this print. There are two shirts, one is of a heavier cloth (great for all-year round wear), and the other is lighter (great for hot weather). All other items are light and roll up small, so can easily fit into any backpack or carry bag for whatever adventure you’re on. The hoodie is great for late or early summer and spring & autumn. Get them now, while they’re hot. Oh, and older and discontinued products gets taken offline. So, if you’re looking for a item that was there, but can’t find it, it might be sadly gone forever.

See these great products here: https://ablyth-shop.com/collections/summer

To purchase the actual digital file of the photo for your own projects: portfolio.japanesephotos.asia/gallery/Sea-Ocean

Summer Series: Surf now available on shirts, tanktops, and hoodies.

Summer Series: Surf now available on shirts, tanktops, and hoodies.

Current discounts

All current discounts only apply to the ablyth-shop.com store.

I’ve taken stock of all the current discounts available on the ABlyth online shop, and here they are:

  • Free sunglasses: use “GimmeGlasses” until 14th Feb (just pay postage).
  • First time customers: use “FirstTime20” for 20% off your entire order. Minimum USD$25 purchase, and one use per customer. Offer ends 28th Feb 2018.
  • Staff discount: For people I’ve worked with (mostly models and makeup artists, see your info booklet for details; expiration 31st Dec 2018, will be renewed).
  • Social Media Discounts: Share photos of your ABlyth branded items on social media with the #ablyth hashtag and @ mention, and get 15% off with your custom discount code.
  • Newsletter subscribers: Get 10% off your order. Information is sent to you when you signup for a newsletter (no expiration).
  • More to come. Watch this space (better still, signup for the newsletter and get the jump on everyone else: ablyth-shop.com).
Latest items at ablyth-shop.com

Latest items at ablyth-shop.com

New shirts supporting environmental causes

I’ve been wanting to make these sorts of things for a very long time, and finally I have the opportunity to do so. I’m really excited to do two things at once: one, create something that people can use to promote protecting the environment; two, educate with a real example. A sample of the products:

ABlyth Art Series, Burning Skies & Yokkaichi Skies products

ABlyth Art Series, Burning Skies & Yokkaichi Skies products

This photo of the ventilation towers was taken in Yokkaichi Japan, which was once the most polluted cities in the country. The most prominent problem was in the 1960’s to 1980’s was “Yokkaichi Asthma”. The cause was SOx being released from the petrochemical plants at the harbour where this photo was taken. Today, Yokkaichi people enjoy cleaner air and water, because of a change in government and corporate policies; a change that can be done anywhere in the world. Japan’s major petrochemical companies, oil imports, and petrol refineries are still in Yokkaichi, and are still in operation, but with filters, cleaners, and improved operation standards. There were really three groups involved, the public, government, and corporations, and it was the public that forced the government and corporations to re-align their priorities.

The message has been made into t-shirts for both men and women, into bags that can be worn over your jumpers/sweaters, and with and without text. Consider getting the no-text version, and write your own message over the top with white paint.

Also, watch this space and signup for newsletters at http://ablyth-shop.com. Other things you might like:

ABlyth branded products

ABlyth branded products