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Nissan Pivo3

The Nissan Pivo3 does a figure of 8 demonstrating its remarkable turning circle in a small exhibit space. At the Nagoya Motor Show, Nissan’s exhibit with cars like this was by far more popular with the crowds than Toyota’s lonely corner. This electric Pivo3 concept includes self parking, where the driver leaves the car in front of a venue and the car locates a vacant parking spot through a central computer system then parks itself. The car park would also include an automatic recharge plate to be located under the car. The owner would then press a button on his or her phone and the car would drive itself to the closest convenient location to where ever the owner’s phone is located. However, you need to hope that your car can find a parking spot and recharge point before the the batteries run too low. Nissan also wishes to emphasis the ease of getting in and out of the car, where you don’t need to put one leg in, park your butt, and then the other. With this car, you simply walk in.

Nissan is emphasising that it is developing a total interconnected system for the home and cars, where the home can use the power stored in the car, and the car can be recharged from the home. The crowds were interested in the Nissan Leaf which is already on sale, and a new sports car that looks far more exciting than the Toyota 86.

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