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What Brings Us Together at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition

See my latest Project tentatively titled “What Brings Us Together” at the upcoming Foreign Artists Exhibition at the Nagoya International Centre from Tuesday 30th Oct to Sunday 4th Nov. I’ll be there as often as I can. Drop in and check it out, and the work of other great local artists.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2Jfsimx.

City of Ghosts on display at the Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition FAE2017

This is the first display by me for a few years. Please come and check it out, perhaps meet me, and see many other wonderful work by other expat artists. Details:

I’ll be there on Wednesday afternoon, late Friday, and some of Saturday and Sunday. This collection will expand in the coming year or so with more photos relating to this concept.

FAE2017 City of Ghosts exhibition panel

FAE2017 City of Ghosts exhibition panel

About the series

A film expert discovered the first colour footage taken of London. After reviewing this footage, he felt that whilst cities are permanent, in fact London has changed little since 1927, the people are constantly changing. Our lives are fleeting and transient, and so he said that people are like ghosts passing through the city. In fact, we live our lives, and carry out our affairs with earnest, energy, seriousness, and with hard determination. All of our struggles, achievements, disasters, love, loss, happiness, sadness, and more are lived out in these spaces called ‘a city’. However, what remains of our individual lives after we die? Very little. The architecture, the monuments, the transport spaces, offices, work spaces, the market spaces, the houses, and the culture of the people who survive today, which will be passed on and tweaked by each new generation. Otherwise, there is no memory of the individual people will remain, except for a few monuments. Even though we are alive now, we are already merely ghosts passing through the permanence of the city space.

Um especialista em cinema descobriu as primeiras imagens a cores tiradas de Londres. Depois de revisar estas filmagens, ele sentiu que enquanto cidades são permanentes, de fato, Londres mudou pouco desde 1927, as pessoas estão constantemente mudando. A nossas vidas são fugazes e transitórias e, portanto, ele disse que as pessoas são como fantasmas passando pela cidade. Na verdade, vivemos as nossas vidas e realizamos nossos assuntos com ânsia, energia, seriedade e com determinação. Todas as nossas lutas, conquistas, desastres, amor, perda, felicidade, tristeza e mais, são vividos nesses espaços chamados de “cidade”. No entanto, o que resta das nossas vidas individuais depois de morrer? Muito pouco. A arquitetura, os monumentos, os espaços de transporte, os escritórios, os espaços de trabalho, os espaços de mercado, as casas e a cultura das pessoas que sobrevivem hoje, que serão passadas e ajustadas por cada nova geração. De outro modo, não há memórias de pessoas individuais que permanecerão, com exceção de alguns monumentos. Embora estejamos vivos agora, já somos meramente fantasmas passando pela permanência do espaço da cidade.


ある映画専門家が、ロンドンを撮影した最初のカラー映像を発見した。この映像を鑑賞後彼は、街は永久不変である一方、―1927年からロンドンは少しだけ変わったと言えるが― 人々は絶えず変化していると感じた。彼はまた、我々の人生は儚く移ろうもので、人々は皆街をさまよう幽霊のようだとも言っている。事実、我々は自分達の人生を生き、固い決意とともに、熱心に、元気に、真剣に日々の業務を遂行する。我々のすべての苦労、成果、惨事、愛、喪失、幸福、悲哀といったものが、「街」という空間に生き延びている。しかし、我々の死後、個々の人生のうちで何が残るだろうか。ほとんど何も残らない。建築、記念碑、輸送空間、オフィス、仕事場、市場、家、そして今日生きる人々の文化は、新しい世代によって受け継がれ、改変されていく。そうでなければ、いくつかの記念碑以外に、個人の記憶は残らない。今生きているにも関わらず、我々は既に永久的な都市空間をさまよう幽霊にすぎない。

#TGIF The Cone Species: Beautiful Species

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out the 28th Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition held at the Nagoya International Centre, on until 5pm Sunday. I’ll have The Cone Species: Beautiful City on display. There’s also lots of other great art works on display, too. For more info, see previous FAE28 blog posts.

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE28) in Nagoya, Japan, December 2013.

Foreign Artists Exhibition FAE28

It was a last minute decision to enter the Foreign Artists’ Exhibition (FAE28). This year’s entry is called “The Cone Species: Beautiful City”, based on my recent Flickr collection. The set up day is this Sunday 1st December, and is open free to the public from Tuesday 3rd December to Sunday 8th December. It’ll be open from 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. FYI, I’ll be tweeting with #FAE28.

Cone Species: Beautiful City

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE28) in Nagoya, Japan, December 2013.

POTW 5 Nov 2012: New Religion

This Photo of the Week is from the New Religion collection, specifically New Religion: Retail Fulfilment. It, and some others from the same collection are on display this week at the 27th Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27) at the Nagoya International Centre, from 6-11th Nov 2012, open from 10am to 7pm Tue – Sat, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, free entry, 4th floor of the Nagoya International Building.

The FAE27 New Religion display includes 6 photos and great haiku by local haiku poet Leah Ann Sullivan. She has written a selection of haiku on the theme of consumerism, shopping, religion, which are also the themes of New Religion. Both the haiku and the photographs complement each other wonderfully, and are intentionally candy for the thinking-connoisseur. The photos are available for purchase (without frame) or for gallery quality printing and shipping.

Interestingly, last year, I conceived of and presented at the FAE26 Poem of a Cacophonous City. It was the first time I’d seen double-exposure film photography for so, so many years that I honestly can’t remember the last double-exposure photo before I first saw before my own works were processed. Then I showed my Poem of a Cacophonous City on the internet, followed by Jazz Improv, and then I have started to see double-exposure photography done elsewhere by other people in the last few months. Then last week I saw someone’s double-exposure photos on display at a photography store here in Nagoya. And then this recent video by Digital Rev TV. Now, I take it as a compliment that it seems I’ve started a trend. I already am planning a new collection to follow up on this hat trick. In the mean time, enjoy New Religion (no pun intended).

Foreign Artists Exhibition FAE27

It’s that time of year again, the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27). This year I’ll be showing New Religion in collaboration with a poetic friend Leah Sullivan, who’ll be displaying a selection of mostly specially written poems for this event. For me, my interpretation of New Religion is that Japan is in a transition from receiving spiritual nourishment from Buddhism and Shintoism and has or is moving into commercialism or consumerism. Through consumerism Japanese (and people of many other countries) obtain certain fulfilments. At the time of blogging, Leah is still working on her poems, and so I can’t say anything about what they represent or how they can be interpreted. But it is safe to say that she is writing her poems based on her own unique interpretation of the photos in New Religion. I suggest the viewer to understand that these are our interpretations, and that the viewer is welcome and encouraged to come to his or her own understanding of New Religion.

The exhibition will be held from 6th to 11th November, 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, at the Nagoya International Centre. Come and see other Tokai-region based artists from many other countries, and see paintings, photography, sketches, and more.

My FAE exhibit is set up

I’ve set up my display for the Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition today. The exhibition opens to the general public on Tuesday, and runs through to Sunday, 6th November. It is my first time in an exhibition and I felt a little nervous setting up. I had problems with my prints coming back not being the size I ordered, and so they were smaller than the frames I had, so I had to get new frames. Setting the pictures in the frames at the venue felt a lot like getting dressed in public, it felt weird.

I think I have a large library of images to choose from, and mostly digital. However, I guessed (correctly) that most of the photography exhibits would have been shot in digital, so I assumed that going olde school would set me apart a little. I met some great people with some great photos and had some great conversations. One interesting photographer has a medium format Bronica that he hasn’t used in years, and another has Minolta film cameras, too. They expressed some interest in dusting them off. It’d be a great feeling for me if I’ve inspired them to play with film again (at least a little).

So, please come and have a look at mine and the other wonderful works on display at the Nagoya International Centre, or check out my online gallery at PhotoShelter.

Andrew Blyth's works on display at the 26th annual Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE26).

Andrew Blyth's works on display at the 26th annual Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE26).

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