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And the Camera Pixo Editor’s Choice Award goes to…

Wow! It’s me! And what makes it even more sweet is that it is for one of my favourite photos, Poem of a Cacophonous City: Go City, Go. This series of photos was taken on black and white film with an old style magical camera trick, invented long before the word “computer” was a thing. CameraPixo has just published their latest issue (No2), this time dedicated to my favourite kind of photography, black and white, titled The Moment. You’ll find this issue’s illustrious Five-Star Editor’s Choice award winner very humbly on page 54. On the way there (page 54) and past it, be sure to enjoy all the other great and wonderful images from around the world. It’s truly a great issue, and I’m so pleased to have one of my photos counted among a great set of photos from great international photographers. Finally, thanks to my Flattr microsponsors for your support, this is what it’s about.

ScreenShot Andrew's photo published in CameraPixo's The Moment issue No.2.

ScreenShot of Andrew’s photo published in CameraPixo’s The Moment issue No.2. http://issuu.com/camerapixo/docs/bw-camerapixo-02-online

#POTW 6Jan 2014 UNESCO Shirakawa town

This is the first Photo of the Week for 2014, so it’s only fitting to look at what’s up in Japan now… snow! Shirakawa town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in the Gifu mountains, and is pretty guarranteed to get lots of snow. The town is in fact a collection of rural houses moved to this location to help centralise and maintain a traditional architectural style, and also to maintain the culture required to re-thatch the roofs every 20 years. This photo was taken on film, and the others in the Shirakawa Gallery of my PhotoShelter portfolio were taken on a mix of film and digital.

Fall of Nature

Fall of Nature is an art and an awareness raising project. Of course the viewer is free to interpret the images as he or she wishes, but the intention is to highlight how nature is being replaced by commercialism, consumerism, and suffers from urban encroachment. The collection is currently available on my PhotoShelter portfolio at Fall of Nature. You can order prints and products of the digitally scanned versions of the images at my PhotoShelter portfolio, but at extra cost of money and time, you can order organic, analogue prints direct from the film (unframed). That is to say, none of the images have had any digital manipulation, and may contain dust specks, grain, scratches, and other charisma. The images you see are about exactly as they print from the 35mm negative. These images were shot on Kodak Ekta 100, with a Minolta Alpha 7, on two different days at Tado mountains in Mie prefecture, and Meieki & Sakae wards in Nagoya city of Aichi prefecture.

Fall of Nature – Images by Andrew Blyth

POTW 5 Nov 2012: New Religion

This Photo of the Week is from the New Religion collection, specifically New Religion: Retail Fulfilment. It, and some others from the same collection are on display this week at the 27th Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27) at the Nagoya International Centre, from 6-11th Nov 2012, open from 10am to 7pm Tue – Sat, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, free entry, 4th floor of the Nagoya International Building.

The FAE27 New Religion display includes 6 photos and great haiku by local haiku poet Leah Ann Sullivan. She has written a selection of haiku on the theme of consumerism, shopping, religion, which are also the themes of New Religion. Both the haiku and the photographs complement each other wonderfully, and are intentionally candy for the thinking-connoisseur. The photos are available for purchase (without frame) or for gallery quality printing and shipping.

Interestingly, last year, I conceived of and presented at the FAE26 Poem of a Cacophonous City. It was the first time I’d seen double-exposure film photography for so, so many years that I honestly can’t remember the last double-exposure photo before I first saw before my own works were processed. Then I showed my Poem of a Cacophonous City on the internet, followed by Jazz Improv, and then I have started to see double-exposure photography done elsewhere by other people in the last few months. Then last week I saw someone’s double-exposure photos on display at a photography store here in Nagoya. And then this recent video by Digital Rev TV. Now, I take it as a compliment that it seems I’ve started a trend. I already am planning a new collection to follow up on this hat trick. In the mean time, enjoy New Religion (no pun intended).

Foreign Artists Exhibition FAE27

It’s that time of year again, the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27). This year I’ll be showing New Religion in collaboration with a poetic friend Leah Sullivan, who’ll be displaying a selection of mostly specially written poems for this event. For me, my interpretation of New Religion is that Japan is in a transition from receiving spiritual nourishment from Buddhism and Shintoism and has or is moving into commercialism or consumerism. Through consumerism Japanese (and people of many other countries) obtain certain fulfilments. At the time of blogging, Leah is still working on her poems, and so I can’t say anything about what they represent or how they can be interpreted. But it is safe to say that she is writing her poems based on her own unique interpretation of the photos in New Religion. I suggest the viewer to understand that these are our interpretations, and that the viewer is welcome and encouraged to come to his or her own understanding of New Religion.

The exhibition will be held from 6th to 11th November, 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, at the Nagoya International Centre. Come and see other Tokai-region based artists from many other countries, and see paintings, photography, sketches, and more.

POTW 30 Apr 2012: Fujifilm Velvia100

This Photo of the Week is inspired by Fujifilm Velvia 100. Fujifilm has announced price rises for the month of May, which is tragic news. And to share the love of film, here’s an image from the Naked Man Festival, taken on Fujifilm Velvia100. See the blog for details on Fujifilm and the Naked Man Festival.

Tragic news

I received this very tragic and disturbing news today, Fujifilm has announced a price hike on their film, including my favourite, the beautiful Velvia 100 colour slide film! However, they are quick to point out that a price hike is better than cutting the line of films. Thanks to Alberto on G+ for sharing this news.

Below: Dancers performing in Osu Kanon to a mainly male audience. Photo taken on Fujifilm Velvia 100.

POTW: Poem of a cacophonous city: Explane

This Photo of the Week was one taken last summer. It was taken on film, and as a double-exposure. It was then digitised complete with grain, dust spots, and other charisma. This series of photos Poem of a Cacophonous City is more in the art realm… than of poetry, but then poetry is also more in the art realm than something like a police report. Anyway, the point is that it will look great on cafe walls.

This series is meant to convey the business, the proximity, the noise, and general clutter of the city. However, this particular image is meant to convey a different kind of clutter. The spelling, or mis-spelling of the titles this particular picture has had include Ex-plain, Explane, and Explain. Essentially it toys with the idea that Nagoya, the city where this photo was taken, was a flood plain, or a delta, that was regularly inundated after each snow melt, where new sediment was deposited. Now, there are flood barriers, and in the last 40 years, the general Nagoya area has sunk about 20cm, and especially sinks during and after each shaking of the sediment from earthquakes. So, this former, or ‘ex’-plain had pretty flowers here once, and now it’s a city. But why put a city here? Explain to me, that. Especially because sedimentary plains shake more in earthquakes causing more damage, and the whole basin will be below sea level quite soon. Isn’t it a poor choice to have one of the richest cities of the world?

New film images: City Cacophany

Spent a bit of time in the city looking for interesting things to contrast, and this is what I’ve found. Basically, a theme became apparent, that the city is noisy, busy, and any adjective to use is somehow an active one. These images are also available as prints, mouse pads, mugs, and so forth.

Poem of a Cacophonous City – Images by Andrew Blyth