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How is it wrong to steal photos or use ones you “find” on Google?

How is it wrong to steal photos? It’s like stealing a magazine from a newsagents or plagiarising a friends essay in university. The creator gets no money because you didn’t put in any effort to make the photographs yourself, and you did not have permission. Not getting permission makes you the bad egg in the box. There are many photographers and websites dedicated to stopping image theft because it is wrong, like Who Is Hosting This (Image Theft). Not convinced?

I found this wonderful video on PetaPixel.Com about a photographer, Renee Robyn, who spends literally hours and hours to create one, single, composite photograph. The video shows the struggle she has experienced after an accident, and then her passion for her art. I couldn’t help but see a second perspective to the video, and this is it: You might spend hours and hours at a desk in an office, and you get paid for it. She spends hours and hours at a desk, and I people who use her beautiful images pay her for it. Please don’t steal photos, find the original photographer or look up a stock agency. If you want to use my photos without paying, here’s how you can do it, Free Stock Images (but there’s a catch).

Save on your next photo purchases

If you want to save $1000 off your next purchase, here’s a FANTASTIC opportunity. I offer a “Free images for goods trade”, where you obtain something I need (legally) from a list, and you get access to my photos for free (with generous limitations). That offer still stands, but your chance to save is here. Sony has released the next generation pro-level camera, so the previous generation should get cheaper. Currently on eBay there are Sony A850 cameras selling for $1,600, which is $1,000 less than the new sticker price. I will credit you for $2,600 for your next photo purchase if you can get me a Sony A850. Because I’m also hired for an event on the 18th September, if you can get it to me before the 16th Sept I can credit you for $3,000! I am absolutely serious. Please see the Free Stock Photos page for more information.

Film Scanner needed

Want a good deal on images? I am in desperate need of a film scanner, as all the local scanning services are now abhorrently awful! I now really need my own scanner. Here, I made an announcement offering “free stock images” (actually, images-for-trade). I now really need a sponsor or trader who can send me the professional-level scanner that is needed. The precise scanner I need is listed in the above link, and as it states there, that for particular trades of equivalent monetary value, you can get access to an entire gallery of images on my PhotoShelter account.

For one Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED (USD$1,800 to $2,200), you get one month of unrestricted access* to one gallery in my PhotoShelter account, which allows for twelve months of Rights Managed use. Though, considering my urgent need, I can negotiate.

* Non-transferable.