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POTW 9 Sept 2013: Rice harvesting season

It’s currently the rice harvesting season in Japan. Unlike many other Asian countries, there is only one rice season a year, as it gets too cold to have more. Countries like Vietnam can replant as soon as they harvest as it’s warm enough year-round.

Here is a close up of a stem with rice nearing the end of season. More rice photos can be found on my PhotoShelter portfolio, and harvesting photos at my agent’s website, Henry Westheim / Asia Photo Connection.

Radioactive food in Japan

Radioactive food is becoming a real and hidden concern. The discussion of this is veiled and brief on NHK TV news, the national broadcaster. One might assume that NHK is avoiding promoting a food panic. Already prices for Hokkaido dairy products are increasing. Previously in this blog, radioactive mustard spinach, a very popular part of the Japanese menu, was discovered growing in Tokyo weeks after the 15th March explosion, and in mustard spinach imported to Singapore from Shizuoka (south of Tokyo). Now some people are concerned that rice being grown in the north may be mixed with uncontaminated rice grown in the south. According to NHK, already, rice stocks are low, as many people are stocking up ahead of the harvest season beginning now. A friend of mine went shopping in Nagoya city with a dosimeter (a radiation measuring device) and found that cucumbers in his supermarket had high levels of radiation. I wish I could get a dosimeter, they are so hard to get.

Rice and mustard spinach are pictured below.
Rice shortly before harvest

More rice pictures here, and rice harvest pictures here.

Mustard Spinach

More mustard spinach pictures here.