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Sexy Japanese AV idol shoot

I’ve been lucky to work with quite a few great models in the past, including Ana, Hieu, Brooke, and including the very sexy Bella Vu. Last week, I’ve been ever so lucky to be invited to do a boudoir shoot with one of Japan’s top idols, the stuff that fills every school boy’s manga mags… and their pants. Here’s the first photo from that very sexy hotel room collection. More to come later today.


Boudoir shoot with one of Japan's top AV models.

Boudoir shoot with one of Japan’s top AV models.

POTW 12 Nov 2012: New Religion Idol Shop

This Photo of the Week is titled New Religion: Idol Shop. Some photos from this collection were on display at the recent Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27), and so this POTW is the final POTW-hurrah from that collection. It seems to me that Japanese society is in transition from a religious oriented society to a consumerist or fashion brand-idolling society. This image is perhaps one of the signature pieces that helps the viewer be more oriented to the theme and conversation of New Religion. Also see the comments in last weeks POTW for more idea of what New Religion is.

Two questions that came up often at the FAE last week were:

1. How did I do it?

2. Where were the images taken?


1. Not telling.

2. Fushimi Inari Shrine, Kyoto; and Sakae & Osu fashion and shopping areas of Nagoya city, Japan.