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Top 5 Photos of 2013

Every new year needs a review of the old. Ok, yes, this is coming a little late, but timed for when most people are back at work and can benefit from this. The top 5 photos are available at both my PhotoShelter portfolio and my agent’s website.


5. 20-Somethings on a day out in Osaka.

Actually, in my list of 100 top photos of all time, nothing from 2013 appears, yet. However, on a photographer’s social networking site, 500px, this was one of the top photos, and was listed at “Popular” for a couple of days: an achievement. Both models were a delight to work with, and it was a fun morning. Thanks Ana and Brooke 🙂 This photo is available on my PhotoShelter portfolio and can be seen at 500px.

Young twenty-something friends on a day out in Osaka.

Young twenty-something friends on a day out in Osaka.


4. City Angel.

This photo also doesn’t (yet) appear in my list of top 100 photos of all time, but again on 500px it was a top performer, with a remarkable peak rating of 92.5 (squee!).


3. Naked Man Festival.

What could be more popular than the above ‘City Angel’? Naked men giving each other wedgies, of course! The Naked Man Festival is a winter event, and will be on again soon, and yes, this really is one of the top 100 photos of all time. From a quick check of my previous blog posts, I’ve written quite a bit on the annual Naked Man Festival, held in Komaki, just outside of Nagoya.


2. Korean Royalty.

I don’t know why, but Korean royalty is one of the most popular photos on JapanesePhotos.Asia. Obviously they are actors performing for tourists at Gyeongbok Palace. Incidentally, it was Japanese assassins who killed of most of the Korean royal family, paving way for a Japanese annexing of the peninsula starting from 1910 to 1945. This was a time when the Korean people were brutally treated (Wikipedia), and is still an open wound that current Japanese politicians do not or won’t understand (Japan Today).


1. One of Japan’s top jazz ballet dancers leaping.

I did this collection of photos with Ai in 2012, and this one was the top favourite in 2013. You can see my previous blog post of this photo in a tearsheet, and other previous Jazz Dance posts, too. It’s always a pleasure to work with jazz dancers, they know how to pose, they enjoy performing, and they have infinitely more energy than I. A new jazz dance project is in the planning stages for winter 2014, so keep an eye out for that, and please show support with microdonations on Flattr, every little bit helps.

POTW 24th Sept 2012

Almost exclusively, JapanesePhotos.Asia Photo of the Week (POTW) images are of Japan. However, this POTW is of Gyeongbok Palace (Gyeongbokgung) in Seoul, South Korea. Why? Why not? I suppose this is the reason: I’m not really into the current artistic trend of photographic minimalism, so I’m happy to post this one… with people ruining the minimalism. 🙂

Korean Royal Palace and Insadong

I’ve had problems with my computer, but all is well now. So, I’ve finally been able to start to process the backlog, including my pictures of Seoul in South Korea (the friendly side). I’ve processed batch one (I call Day 1), which includes Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace where the Korean royal family resided. Also some images of Insadong, which is the artisan and tourist souvenir hunting quarter of Seoul. It is a mecca for for Korean art and artists, and a magnet for Korean art buyers. However, the shops or products they sold, that I remember 10 years ago, seemed to have been replaced with products more palatable to foreign tastes. Though, the pure Korean art surely survives somewhere there.

So that was Day 1, there’s more to come, look out for those. Day 1 is divided between Asia Photo Connection and my PhotoShelter account.

Map wielding tourist, and Dell Hell

Well, I went to Korea, arrived, survived, and got myself back home. As with all trips I take, I ALWAYS, always, forget something. This time it was my business cards. Not a problem thankfully. It was my second time in Seoul, the first time was ten years ago, and this time was… just then.

The city looks smarter, the quality of English generally seemed far better (or perhaps my ability to wield my English in a more comprehensible way). The underground (or subway) seems a lot better and easier to navigate (or perhaps my map reading abilities has improved), and it seems a much more pleasant a trip. However, I’ve realised how my abilities and knowledge in Korean have evaporated, and have at times relied on my and their Japanese; amazing.

So, I got some great shots, but nothing to show. Now, for the Dell hell story. My main laptop, a Dell, has been going great for the four years I’ve had it. My old, old Compaq computer has been going great for the nine years I’ve had it. But the newer Dell… well… the backlight has gone out, and so the screen is nothing but a blank. I can’t process any of the images until I get the monitor fixed. Grrr… and then I need to recalibrate the monitor, too.