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Model Call for Tokyo & Yokohama for summer themed shoot

Updated: 2nd Aug.


  1. (found) Models. Men, women, young, old, whatever.
  2. URGENTLY need a Makeup artist (do makeup, create a look suitable for scenes, assist the model, and some help with flashes)

Theme: Japanese summer. Shoot 1 “At home”,  Shoot 2 “Girl in Tokyo”, Shoot 3 “At the beach”.

When: all day, 8th August 2017.

Where: This is only open to models & MUA already in Japan.

Shoot 1, Indoors, 8th Aug: At a traditional style Japanese house, near central Yokahama.

Shoot 2, Street, 4th Aug: Will be a street shoot around Akihabara. (cancelled)

Shoot 3, Beach, 7th or 8th Aug: May be (depending on budget):    (cancelled)




Why: 1. Actually, I’m not normally available to shoot in summer in Japan, and so I have this big gap in my photo library. Also, I really don’t know what to shoot, and so I need some practice and a chance to experiment with a summer theme. 2. Some of these will be sample-photos to call for sponsors for future shoots. 3. Product placement shoot (if sponsors can be found in time).

Paid: For the right model & mua, yes I will pay.

What to wear: Summer fashion themes. Strictly, no brand names, no logos, and no copyrighted designs. This will be a low-budget shoot, and so you will need to use your own wardrobe.

Shoot 1: Normal comfortable clothing (not old unfashionable things)

Shoot 2: Something that looks good, but can still look nice in 10 years.

Shoot 3: Swimsuit(s), beach/summer shawl, hat, sunglasses, flip-flops, towel. (You will need to get into the water).

If you have another idea, please tell me.

Other: A model release needs to be signed, and you cannot have exclusive contract restrictions for too many products.

More info: My standard model call (en) and モデル求人, 日本語 (jp), contact me and I can send the draft shoot plan.


Young Japanese lady.