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Photo of the week: Japanese 2000 yen note

The Japanese yen has bounced around quite a bit recently. Actually, Japanese companies have been taking a battering, as the US dollar drops in value, and the Euro discovers it’s got nothing propping it up, so the Yen is the next best safe haven if you can’t or for some other reason, won’t get gold. In truth, Japan is deep in debt, and needs customers (the US) to buy. If Americans don’t buy, then the whole country will whither or remain stagnant. So one could say that Japan needs to economise, why print a 2,000yen note, when you could just keep a restricted production run of 1,000, 5,000, and 10,000 yen notes?

Note that “Nippon Ginko” means “Bank of Japan” (the central bank for Japan).