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#POTW Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2014

The Nagoya Women’s Marathon will be on this Sunday, 9th March. At time of writing I don’t have any specific news about it, but I suspect that it will have all of Japan’s top women competing, and tens of thousands of women, and hundreds (or thousands) of men, too. In previous years it has been an Olympic qualifying event attracting various internarion runners (previous blog posts, 2012 and 2013, blog tag ‘marathon‘). For these photos see my PhotoShelter portfolio and my agent’s website. I will probably attend the event, so new photos may be added.

Good luck to the competitors, and best wishes to all the runners entering. For everyone else, on Sunday I’ll be on Twitter/JapanesePhotos.


Nagoya Women’s Marathon 2013

I wonder if it is a coincidence that the Nagoya Women’s Marathon is held so close to, or the same weekend as the International Women’s Day. The first event was held in 1980, and only the 2011 event was cancelled due to the 11th March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster (Wikipedia). I attended this year again, and got a few key photos. It was about 12 degrees Celsius, though it felt warmer, with a very light warm breeze. There were concerns about the yellow dust / sand blown in from China affecting the health of anyone outdoors. Also, there was a 40% chance of rain at 2pm, though I was already feeling the odd spit at 10.30am, as the lead group past me at the 22km point on Wakamiya Ave, near Yaba-cho Station.

Since the official Nagoya Women’s Marathon website does not provide any useful information in English, I found the race results at GlobalPost.Com, and official entrants information on the Nagoya Women’s Marathon website, albeit in Japanese. Well done to all entrants, well done to all finnishers, and especially congratulations to:

1st Ryoko Kizaki (#15, Jpn) at 2hr 23min 34sec; 2013 photo.

2nd Berhane Dibaba (#7, Eth) at 2hr 23min 51sec; 2013 photo.

3rd Mizuki Noguchi (#11, JPN) 2hr 24min 05sec; 2012 photo.

4th Jelena Prokopcuka (Lat); (2013 photo available on request).

5th Eri Hayakawa (#17, Jpn, pictured below); 2012 photo, 2013 photo.

6th Mestawet Tufa (Eth); (2013 photo available on request).

7th Yoko Miyauchi (#14, Jpn pictured below); (2012 photo available on request), 2013 photo.

8th Genet Getaneh (Eth); 2013 photo.

9th Asami Kato (Jpn) (no photo available).

10th Misato Horie (Jpn) 2012 photo, 2013 photo.

This years photos are uploaded to my agent’s website, Asian Photo Connection, and will be available in a few days. However, until then, the 2013 will be temporarily available at my PhotoShelter Portfolio of Nagoya Women’s Marathon gallery for immediate purchase.

The annual Nagoya Women's Marathon was held in the heart of the city.

Eri Hayakawa (#17, Japan) and Yoko Miyauchi (#14, Japan) in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon at the 22km point


Strangely, there was no Twitter hashtag or updates during this event. 🙁  It seems kind of standard to expect this these days, isn’t it?