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Cooled was published in @Camerapixo Body Language

Another photo, Cooled, has been published in Camerapixo, in the Body Language edition, p34. See the original Cooled in Shino’s gallery. Thanks so much to Camera Pixo for choosing this photo for yet another great edition put out by them.

Cooled published in Camera Pixo's Body Language, April 2015.

Cooled published in Camera Pixo’s Body Language, April 2015.

#POTW Hieu in an ao dai

It has been quite a while since I’ve had time to do a Photo of the Week (POTW), and I apologise. Life gets a bit wild, busy, hectic, stressful, loaded, crazy, fun, and more. This photo was taken last year with a great model, Hieu, in Vietnam. For this others, and more like it see Hieu’s gallery in my PhotoShelter portfolio, and my agent’s website.

A young Vietnamese lady wearing an ao dai.

POTW 14Oct 2013: Night Portrait

Over the weekend I did a trip to Osaka and was able to work with two models, Brooke and Shino. Night portraits are always a fun challenge, so here is Shino in one of the photos at a point where I decided to just have a bit of fun while shooting. The technical photographers will want to know all the details of how I acheived this, I used a camera, a big black one, with one or two hotshoe flashed connected to Cowboy Studio trigger & receivers, and most importantly, Lensbaby 50mm at f2.8. This is the first and only image I’ve published so far. More will be coming out in the next week or so at both my Agent’s website, Henry Westheim of Asia Photo Connection, and my own PhotoShelter portfolio.

POTW: 28 May Mist and bridge over a river

I was recently reminded of this image. It’s actually an ugly bridge painted in a dreadful pastel green. It’s typical of modern Japan in architectural utilitarian style. A building needs walls and water proofing, and so it gets plain painted concrete. People need to get from one side of the river to the other, so a thoroughfare that can withstand typhoons is constructed, and here it is… This image, and others like it, are available on my PhotoShelter portfolio.

POTW: 7th Nov, 2011 Winter in Shirakawa

This Photo of the Week (POTW) comes from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shirakawa. This village is well known for being the place where traditional mountain rural farm houses were moved to and maintained. The thatch roofs are massive, and requires a team of a lot more than 50 people to help build. These thatch roofs need replacing about every twenty years and it is a real community project. My guess is that they plan whose house is to be done next, and they would probably have all the houses on a roster. Shirakawa is a living open are museum. People live in the houses, these houses are real shops and museums, and private homes. The village is great to stroll around in the day, and very nicely lit up at night (as seen below). I do have photos of the whole village at my PhotoShelter portfolio, please browse for more.

Ishidori video

Ishidori is the Stone-bringing Festival, an annual Shinto event held on the first weekend of August. It is reputed to be the loudest such festival in Japan. It is not well known, but a very lively festival, and perhaps a best-kept festival secret. The festival apparently dates back to over 300 years, and involves more than 30 portable shrines representing each of the wards (or towns) within Kuwana City. Photos for this festival are being processed and should be available soon at Asia Photo Connection.

In the mean time, here’s the preview.

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