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Models in Osaka needed on 10th and 11th April

Only for models in Osaka, Japan.

Wanted, male or female models, Japanese or expat for street shooting. Shoot will be similar to this past one, of Ana and Brooke, like this on LookBook. For general model call in English click here or モデル求人 日本語.

10th April, Time: 8-9pm (night street shoot)
11th April, Time: 10am-12pm (street or sakura shoot)
Clothing: Please wear anything stylish, but no brand names or trade mark logos
Place: Yodoyabashi Stn, Osaka.
Required: All models will sign a model release
Pay: Trade For (TF). No payment. But, you will get 5 electronic files (jpg) in large and small (for printing and web use), for social media self promotion and portfolio.
Examples of my other work: Models, in my PhotoShelter portfolio.
Contact: Here.

Street & tourism model call in Osaka or Kyoto

NB: The shoot is in Japan, and only open to anyone (aged 20 and older) in the Osaka area. The shoot can be scheduled for the afternoon or evening of the 23rd or the morning of the 24th January. Please note that the payment is in yen, not US dollars or other currency. This is reposted from the Model Mayhem model call.

Wanted: male and female models or couples (gay and straight) for (outdoor) traveller / tourist type of photos, and candid-like street portraiture. Clothing should be nice, simple, but of tourist-like appearance. Photos will be similar to this and further below.

Theme: Candid street portraits and traveller / tourism
Location: Streets and tourist areas of central Osaka (TBA), or Gion Kyoto.
When: 23rd Jan (afternoon or evening), and 24th Jan (morning only)
Required: Models will sign a model release to allow the photos to be used for commercial purposes.
For general model call information, see Model Call or Contact me here or via JapanesePhotos.Asia for more information.

General advice: Please where full length heat-tech or thermal underclothing, and no clothing with brand logos or print designs. Please do not bring large or heavy bags; you can keep them in a train station locker.

Model shoot, Osaka Japan

The theme of the shoot is for a “morning routine” and “business travel”.

The shoot will show the model partially dressed, but not completely nude nor overly erotic (negotiable). The shoot will be in a hotel room in the Umeda area (already booked), and the model is welcome to bring a friend to sit and watch (or read a book). There is a shoot list, but always in the past I ask the model to suggest some of her own ideas for posing in the shoot. Since this is a low-budget shoot, please bring your own wardrobe and do your own makeup. The theme of the shoot will be “early morning routine” and “business travel”, so please bring appropriate attire. The model will be asked to sign a model release to allow the images to be used commercially. See here for more general information about model calls, JapanesePhotos.Asia/blog/model-call/ (モデル求人: 日本語).

Payment is negotiable depending on previous experience (see the Model Mayhem announcement). The shoot is in Japan, and only open to anyone (aged 20-40yo or so) in the Osaka area. The shoot can be scheduled for the afternoon or evening of the 23rd or the morning of the 24th January.

For examples of my previous work see the various portfolios via my website at JapanesePhotos.Asia which includes portraiture, nude, semi-nude, lingerie and more. Direct questions to me at JapanesePhotos.Asia/contact.html.

Out of form Kotooshu in his last tournament?

I don’t like to focus on the negative. I usually post stuff on the sumo because it’s just so fascinating. The Bulgarian Kotooshu (born Kaloyan Stefanov Mahlyanov, Wikipedia) was still the new kid on the block and a rising star when I first arrived in Japan. He was great to watch, though he made mistakes, he still had energy and enthusiasm so that he could win, and it seemed he was growing into the role of the top ranked wrestler, a yokozuna. However, he never got past Ozeki, the second highest rank and was demoted to Sekiwaki at the end of 2013. He won one tournament and the Emperor’s Cup in 2008 (Wikipedia), and he was the darling of the media, and was on all the Bulgarian Yoghurt advertisements. Throughout his sumo career he’s been plagued by various injuries to his knees and arms. This tournament is the worst I’ve seen of him perform. In fact, every time I’ve seen him live, he’s lost, and Monday was no different. However, one win for nine losses is a record that would mean he’d have to be further demoted or retire.

Below, is an in-form and on-fire Harumafuji (right) displaying his strength, whilst a very out-of-form (and possibly very deflated and demotivated) Kotooshu watches on.

In form Mongolian Harumafuji wins easily against a struggling Bulgarian Kotooshu in the Osaka Spring Tournament.

In form Mongolian Harumafuji wins easily against a struggling Bulgarian Kotooshu in the Osaka Spring Tournament.

TGIF 22 Nov 2013 Travel in Osaka

Here, my two favourite models are working together on this travel themed shoot. I met them in Osaka a couple of weeks ago and made these travel photos at Tenjin Shrine in central Osaka. The shrine is a nice little shrine with a history of only a thousand years or nearly two. The shrine is also host to the annual Tenjin Festival that I shot back in July. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter galleries.

POTW 14Oct 2013: Night Portrait

Over the weekend I did a trip to Osaka and was able to work with two models, Brooke and Shino. Night portraits are always a fun challenge, so here is Shino in one of the photos at a point where I decided to just have a bit of fun while shooting. The technical photographers will want to know all the details of how I acheived this, I used a camera, a big black one, with one or two hotshoe flashed connected to Cowboy Studio trigger & receivers, and most importantly, Lensbaby 50mm at f2.8. This is the first and only image I’ve published so far. More will be coming out in the next week or so at both my Agent’s website, Henry Westheim of Asia Photo Connection, and my own PhotoShelter portfolio.

Model call

I’ll be travelling to Osaka on the 12th & 13th October, and again 9th & 10th November. I’m hoping to do some basic test model shoots on Saturday mornings from about 10am to about 12pm (though with getting to Osaka and train changes, maybe more like 10.30 to 12pm), and may be Sunday at about 5.30 or 6pm for some dusk / evening shots. Where? Yodoyabashi station, Exit 1. All will be outdoors, and it will be a simple set up for a simple shoot. If you’re interested, please email me first. Please wear simple and nice clothing, do your own hair and make up (simple and nice is fine. You can bring a friend (who can hold your bag, phone, purse, etc); if he or she is interested in being a model, too, that’s fine, but please email me first. If there’s light rain, please bring a simple and nice umbrella or a clear umbrella (or I will get a clear one). If it’s raining heavily, then we’ll go to a café and consider our options. Pay is ¥2,500 /hr (not including your friend if he or she is only watching). If you can, please send me a link your your portfolio or samples.

What kind of photos? Commercial and art. I’d like to shoot both film and digital. Well, see my portfolios to get an idea of what I’m currently doing: People Gallery (see below), my Model Mayhem profile, my 500px portfolio, and projects similar to what I’d like to do in the future on my 500px Favourites from other photographers. Also, if you have a project or idea you want to try, please tell me.

It should be an easy and fun time. Contact me.

People (RM) – Images by Andrew Blyth

One of Japan's top jazz dancers Ai Tsukamoto

One of Japan’s top jazz dancers Ai Tsukamoto

POTW 16 Sept 2013: Tenjin Festival and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

It might seem that this Photo of the Week might have nothing to do with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but it does. The Tokyo Olympics are to be held from 24th of July to 9th of August 2020 (Wikipedia), which was chosen because it is the least likely time of year for rain, and it is the peak summer festival season. During this time the areas around where I live has its festivals, and Osaka has the Tenjin Festival on the 24th and 25th July each year. There are other major festivals in Kyoto, Tokyo, and many other places around Japan.

This photo, and others like it can be found at my agent’s website: Henry Westheim / Asia Photo Connection.

The Tenjin Festival (tenjin matsuri) in Osaka, Japan is held on the 24th and 25th of July each year.

The Tenjin Festival (tenjin matsuri) in Osaka, Japan is held on the 24th and 25th of July each year.

Tenjin Festival

One of the town floats being paraded through the center of Osaka.


This Travel Info blog post is about the Tenjin Festival (Tenjin Matsuri; JNTO). The festival began over a thousand years ago, and it seems the actual start date has been lost in time. However, the Tenmangu Shrine that hosts the event is known to have been founded in 949AD (Wikipedia). Today, the event is held on the 24th and 25th of July each year according to the Gregorian calendar. It is assumed that the timing of this event once followed the Lunar Calendar, as most Far East events were once pegged to.

Some regard this as one of the top three festivals in Japan; I guess if judged by visitor numbers alone. I have been to “small” and “local” events like the Tado Horse Festival and the Naked Man Festival, which attracts about 100,000 to 120,000 people; just looking at one street loaded with people, it appeared that there were many, many more than 100,000 people (perhaps double), and that was just one of the many streets that were closed to traffic. Then at night time the street closures and police crowd control becomes a major event to itself. Unfortunately, and unusually, there is no Wikipedia page on the event and so finding crowd figures is difficult. However, my guestimate would be that perhaps close to a million of the 19 million Osakan inhabitants would be attending, including families with babies in prams, teenagers hanging out with their friends, elderly also hanging out with their friends. It’s a real chance to get out and relax before the summer really begins.

Men in the Tenjin Festival (Tenjin Matsuri) in Osaka.

Men in the Tenjin Festival (Tenjin Matsuri) in Osaka.

The parade through town event starts at about 3.30pm and winds up back at the Tenmangu Shrine at 6pm. Many of the parade participants and others continue on barges and boats from 6pm to 10pm. There’s not many people out to see the actual parade, but most come out in the evening afterwards. In the area there are food and toy stalls selling the regular festival food like bar-be-qued corn on the cob, grilled meats including beef, pork, squid, and lots more. Since it is summer, and most people have spent the day in air conditioning, you’ll hear the wailing of ambulances probably whisking away heatstroke victims.

These photos, and more like them, are available in high resolution for licencing. Also, the Tenjin Festival video is live on my YouTube Channel. For more on summer festivals in Japan, click on the tags for this post. Also note, that the Japanese word for festival is “matsuri” or まつり.

This blog post was updated on the 1st June 2018. Originally, this blog story was a “Photo of the Week” post, but then modified to be a “Travel Info” story.

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