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Nagoya Sumo Tournament

I was able to attend the 14th and second to final day of the summer Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament. I arrived early afternoon, when the last of the lower ranked wrestlers were still battling their way to move up in the world. I saw the Ring-entrance Ceremony of both the Juryo (intermediate) and Makuuchi (upper) divisions, and then the Yokuzuna (highest rank) Ring-entrance ceremony, too. On this day, all my favourite wrestlers won (always makes for a good day), and saw some great, and entertaining bouts.

There have been numerous controversies in sumo in the last few years, culminating in the latest illegal gambling issue. As a result, far fewer tickets have sold, and some ticket vendors have claimed that they will run at a loss by the end of the tournament. Also, some important sponsors have withdrawn their support, namely HB-101 that was the biggest financial contributor to the sport. Last year, the sumo association ceded, and allowed foreign advertisers to show their banners, consequently, McDonalds Japan is now a major sponsor, and is currently one of the very few supporters of sumo. Interestingly, when the banners were paraded, the crowded cheered and applauded, I never thought I’d see anyone do such a thing at the sight of a Golden M.

These sumo photos will be available at both Asia Photo Connection and my PhotoShelter account. Also, look out for the “Metaphors in Sumo” and Sumo Spills that I’m planning to produce, soon.

Japanese Sumo – Images by Andrew Blyth