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Yokkaichi Port

On Saturday late afternoon I went to Yokkaichi Port. Apparently there are great industrial night views to enjoy there. Well… you only live once. Below is a sample of the ‘you only live once’ photos, and more have been submitted to my portfolio at Asia Photo Connection, so they should be there soon. Please check them out and buy them.

Some facts about Yokkaichi and Yokkaichi Port.

Yokkaichi is a major international container port, shipping well known Japanese products like the Honda cars, flash memory, tea, ceramics, and more to San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong, and other destinations in Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. It was established as a “modern city” at the end of the Meiji Restoration, at the time of when the Emperor was reinstated as the ruler of Japan (construction of the port was completed in 1899). In the 1960’s many people suffered “Yokkaichi asthma”, due to the toxic pollution emitted into the air by the oil refineries and factories. Yokkaichi receives much of Japan’s oil from the Middle East and some of it is refined there. Still today, many Japanese and foreign residents joke about the air quality in Yokkaichi, especially since a lot of electricity is generated in that area by combustion, including the burning of household and office rubbish and imported oil.

Much of this information was found on Wikipedia/Yokkaichi.

New Year

Happy New Year, and best of wishes for 2010.  Below are some Japanese New Year related images.

Among other themes, sunrises are used to symbolise the New Year and a new start. So, many Japanese use the sunrise theme as well as Chinese Zodiac animals for New Year’s cards that they send to friends and family. Increasingly, young families are sending cards that include pictures of themselves on it. This sunrise image unfortunately also includes industrial emissions from factories in Nagoya Port. The foreground is of the roller-coaster and ferris wheel of Nagashima Spa Land.

Sunrises are often used on New Year cards in Japan

Sunrises are often used on New Year cards in Japan

Link to another sunrise image with Nagashima Spa Land, Japanese fishing boats with Shinto New Year mementos for the luck and safety of fisherman for the coming year.

The second image is a door decoration that is usually hung over the front door of a residence. Both of these images will soon be available at my agent’s website, Asian Photo Connection.

A Japanese New Year decoration

A Japanese New Year decoration