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New Summer Surf tshirts, tank tops, hoodies now available

Fans and followers will recognise this photo taken a few weeks ago at Utsumi. It’s now available as print-on-demand clothing. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and planning for the shoot, and then a lot of time thinking and planning the design of this print. There are two shirts, one is of a heavier cloth (great for all-year round wear), and the other is lighter (great for hot weather). All other items are light and roll up small, so can easily fit into any backpack or carry bag for whatever adventure you’re on. The hoodie is great for late or early summer and spring & autumn. Get them now, while they’re hot. Oh, and older and discontinued products gets taken offline. So, if you’re looking for a item that was there, but can’t find it, it might be sadly gone forever.

See these great products here: https://ablyth-shop.com/collections/summer

To purchase the actual digital file of the photo for your own projects: portfolio.japanesephotos.asia/gallery/Sea-Ocean

Summer Series: Surf now available on shirts, tanktops, and hoodies.

Summer Series: Surf now available on shirts, tanktops, and hoodies.

Great new range of cool Travel Japan Series shirts have landed

Just finished preparing and making the new Travel Japan Series of shirts available at ablyth-shop.com. These are great as conversation starters, as the unique and interesting design and contents just lure friendly attention. There’s currently 12 premium products, and 4 budget versions. Over time some will be removed from the store and new ones will be slotted in. Also, take advantage of the new customer discount code “FirstTime20” for 20%, valid until the end of this month. Go now to ablyth-shop.com.

Travel Japan Series of shirts at ablyth-shop.com

Travel Japan Series of shirts at ablyth-shop.com

Update about ABlyth Shop and CNY delivery times

Delivery Delays

This announcement does not affect anyone ordering ABlyth branded products (which are created and shipped from the US and the EU), but non-ABlyth products that are shipped from China. Firstly,

Happy Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year)

Secondly, due to some products being shipped from China, there will be delays due to the CNY holiday. Please understand that it’s an important holiday, and so there will be delays and a backlog of orders this month. Any orders of products going into Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macao, and South Korea may also experience delays. FYI,

  • Lunar New Year is: 16th Feb 2018
  • Holiday period: 15th – 21st Feb 2018 or 11th – 21st Feb (depends on country and company)

Enjoy your time with family this CNY.

ABlyth Product Update

New designs have been in development, and I hope to have these out either Friday this week, or Wednesday next week. These are totally cool, and I hope you will like them. Look out for updates on this.

ABlyth brand t-shirt available at ablyth-shop.com

ABlyth brand t-shirt available at ablyth-shop.com

New shirts supporting environmental causes

I’ve been wanting to make these sorts of things for a very long time, and finally I have the opportunity to do so. I’m really excited to do two things at once: one, create something that people can use to promote protecting the environment; two, educate with a real example. A sample of the products:

ABlyth Art Series, Burning Skies & Yokkaichi Skies products

ABlyth Art Series, Burning Skies & Yokkaichi Skies products

This photo of the ventilation towers was taken in Yokkaichi Japan, which was once the most polluted cities in the country. The most prominent problem was in the 1960’s to 1980’s was “Yokkaichi Asthma”. The cause was SOx being released from the petrochemical plants at the harbour where this photo was taken. Today, Yokkaichi people enjoy cleaner air and water, because of a change in government and corporate policies; a change that can be done anywhere in the world. Japan’s major petrochemical companies, oil imports, and petrol refineries are still in Yokkaichi, and are still in operation, but with filters, cleaners, and improved operation standards. There were really three groups involved, the public, government, and corporations, and it was the public that forced the government and corporations to re-align their priorities.

The message has been made into t-shirts for both men and women, into bags that can be worn over your jumpers/sweaters, and with and without text. Consider getting the no-text version, and write your own message over the top with white paint.

Also, watch this space and signup for newsletters at http://ablyth-shop.com. Other things you might like:

ABlyth branded products

ABlyth branded products


Discount #coupon dropped for this Christmas

From now until Christmas you can get 10% discount on any purchase from my PhotoShelter portfolio. Purchases can include:

  • Immediate downloads
  • Downloads for personal use (for bloggers)
  • Prints (glossy, matte)
  • Fine art prints (high quality printing and paper)
  • Canvas prints (rolled or mounted and framed)
  • Products (cups, mouse pads, key chains)

All products and prints are fulfilled by EZ Prints based in Georgia, USA.


  • Dates: Today to 31st Dec 2017
  • Discount: 10%
  • Where: http://ablyth.photoshelter.com
  • Code: ART10XMAS2017
  • Minimum purchase: USD$20
  • Limit: None (use as many times as you want, share it as much as you want)
  • How to buy: It’s easy. See Photos for Bloggers.

The collection

This is the Poem of a Cacophonous City. It is a collection of film images that represents the noise and clutter of Nagoya, a major city in central Japan. It is inspired by a friend of mine, a lady who is twice my age, but she really loves poetry, and is so deep into it, it is astounding at her insight into language and the visual poetry I see in my head when I listen to her read or perform her work. Subtitles for each image also connote a particular aspect of cities. Here is the first blogpost on this collection: POTW: Poem of a Cacophonous City.

Prints and products: temporary disruption

My PhotoShelter account uses a variety of vendors for customers who wish to order prints and products. However, for Exposure Manager there will be a very short and temporary disruption to services. I only just received this e-mail:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, our print partner Exposure Manager will be offline for an unspecified period of time tomorrow (Thursday, March 31st) beginning around 3pm. We anticipate the downtime to be about 3 hours, but as the situation is unfortunately out of our control, we are unable to provide an exact time estimate. We are terribly sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but no orders containing Exposure Manager prints/products will be able to be placed during this outage. During this window, customers attempting to purchase Exposure Manager prints/products from your site will be met with a “temporary unavailable” message when attempting checkout.