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Anti nuclear protests in Japan

I don’t want to get political, but nearly EVERYbody is against nuclear power in Japan, yet politicians and big businesses are ignoring democratic demands. A member on Google+ posted this picture and message:

Tens of thousands protesting in front of the Prime Minister of Japan’s office – protesting NO NUKES!!! Yet there isnt any disclosure of this in any of the media and press throughout all of Japan.  Please share..
首相官邸前に多くの人が集まり、原発反対と訴えています。これが​報道されていないとは。メディア・コントロールって言うの (G+)

My reply was, “when popular media fails, we have Google+“. At the same time, there are extremely dangerous levels of radioactive water in the basement of reactor four at Fukushima, which is located by the sea (Japan Today). Furthermore, Fukushima seafood is back on the menu (BBC). Also see the New York Times article on that 10,000’s protested (some claims of up to 150,000), claiming it’s the largest protests in Japan since the 1960’s (NYTimes).

My Stop SOPA blackout contribution

I, and many other people all around the world rely on a free and open internet. Intimidation on the internet can only hurt the legitimate business environment on the internet. I need my agents, advertising outlets, and portfolio hosts to remain open, independent, and unintimidated. So I had to oppose the American SOPA and PIPA legislation. There does need to be an effective anti-piracy legislation in all countries, but not one that is arbitrary, skewed to favour American oligarchs and their economic interests, and not one that re-creates a Communist-style censorship of the internet.

So for about 36 hours, spanning from just before the designated blackout day the 18th January to just after, this website was blacked out in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills that were to be put forward to US politicians. If you clicked on the picture on the homepage, you would have been taken to americancensorship.org that has a summary of SOPA & PIPA and the reasons for the opposition.

JapanesePhotos.Asia homepage Stop SOPA

JapanesePhotos.Asia homepage Stop SOPA

SOPA protest

An article on the BBC news website says that the US government may not go ahead with a vote to decide if the Stop Online Piracy Act should go into legislation. The media companies (including Rupert Murdoch) have been lobbying for this bill, and earlier versions of it, as a means to shut down websites, potentially websites that oppose Murdoch’s interests. However, the wording of the US House Majority Leader, Eric Cantor, feels creepily indecisive: “I am confident that flawed legislation will not be taken up by this House”, which allows for a last minute attempt to try anyway.

Later today I’ll see what the mood is on Google+ and decide if I’ll also go through with a Blackout in protest to SOPA. Even though I am not American, I am not in America, I’m still affect. See my previous SOPA blog post here. Also, for a summary of SOPA and it’s history, see the short YouTube video here.


News: Demonstrations calling for marriage equity

I had time to stroll around Sydney and Darling Harbour for just one afternoon, and completely by chance this group were holding a demonstration. They chanted “Julia” as ‘Joooliaa’, and there were other chants, too. Julia Gillard is the current Prime Minister in Australia. On the evening news I learnt that the Labour Party were holding their annual conference and on that same day it seems that Ms Gillard had submitted to pressure and allowed Labour Party members to choose to support a bill which would allow same sex marriage. That is to say, she herself does not support the bill, but she is not publicly, or explicitly going to block it.