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Cooper’s Pub shoot and Trami the Typhoon

The Irish Music Night at The Cooper's Irish Pub, in Nagoya.

The Irish Music Night at The Cooper’s Irish Pub, in Nagoya.

I did a pub shoot last night. It was a fun challenge. It was an Irish music night, and it was fantastic, and we were lucky to have a great Irish dancer do a great performance too. I had to work in very low light and in a small tight space. I did my best to get the standard-clean shot, and some interesting creative photos too. I’m also really lucky to be able to go in and do a shoot with my studio lights.

Irish music and dance at Cooper's Irish Pub

Irish music and dance at Cooper’s Irish Pub

Also, this weekend Super Typhoon Trami is arriving. It’s a seriously strong and therefore very dangerous typhoon. Please do not, do not, go out. Stockup on supplies today (Saturday), and then Netflix and chill the typhoon. For more information about the typhoon, please follow the Twitter hashtag #typhoon or #typhoontrami

During the typhoon, I’ll be working on photos from today’s pub shoot. Any work/background music recommendations?

Super Typhoon Trami

Super Typhoon Trami

New #TGIF Photos out now and more coming

New TGIF photos of my favourite models have finally been completed (it’s been a painfully busy time for me). The first batch are already on my PhotoShelter portfolio (Chihiro & Brooke), and more will be soon added to my agent’s website.

A caucasian and Japanese woman in a bar with wine.

A Caucasian and Japanese woman in a bar with wine.