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It’s Golden Week in Japan. Enjoy.

It’s Golden Week in Japan, which is actually a few days plus a weekend of no-work. Golden Week is a collection of public holidays, and an agreement by companies to let their workers see their families. Right now, the highways and public transport systems will be clogged and backup for tens of hours as families try to get from city to city to see grandparents. This photo was take on Sunday, when Sakae closes off the main street that is lined with department stores in the centre of the trendy shopping area of the city. I missed the height of the day where there were stalls and shoppers moving freely between department stores. Japan is a very spending/shopping oriented culture. It is as if shopping is a national pastime. Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2qB1C5F. This photo, and others like it are available for sale in my Nagoya Gallery.

3 March Girls Day (Hina Matsuri)

Each year on the 3rd March is Girls Day in Japan. In Japanese it’s called Hina Matsuri, which means Dolls Festival. Usually, families set up a large display in late February, like the one below, and have their daughters pose next to it for photos. The dolls are based on the Heian court, and are arranged in descending order of rank across either a five or seven tiers. Each tier and doll has a specific meaning, but generally it was or is believed that the dolls take away evil spirits. The display is usually set up in the tatami room or guest room of the house. There are special foods and drinks that girls have on the day. Some communities might host some events just for girls, but other than that, not much else happens, however, the Nagoya Womens’ Marathon is next weekend. Also see the Japan Today Girls Day story, and Wikipedia/hinamatsuri.

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POTW, 16 July 2012: Maritime Day

This Photo of the Week (POTW) is for Maritime Day. Originally on the 20th of July, but now on the third Monday of the month of July, annually. On this day, ocean going vessels did not leave the port. There usually is a fireworks show at Nagoya Port, and since it is summer, my guess is that other ports will also have a fireworks show, too. Since Japanese people love fireworks in summer, the two go hand in hand. More maritime and water related photos can be found at my Asia Photo Connection / Henry Westheim portfolio, and my PhotoShelter portfolio.

A small fishing vessel at sea in Ise Bay, with Nagoya Port in the background, early in the morning.