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Happy New Year: Coupon

I think it’s safe to say that we don’t want another 2016. So, we all hope that 2017 will be a great year. To help kick off 2017, here is a 20% off coupon for photo purchases via the JapanesePhotos.Asia PhotoShelter portfolio. The coupon is valid until the 31st January 2017. The code is: 2017NEWYEAR. Minimum purchase of USD$20.

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Photos for Personal Use – for cheap

Did you know that bloggers and personal website owners can get high quality photos for cheap?

The problem: Some people don’t understand that photos are free to look at, but not free to take and use; like food at a buffet, free to look at, but not free to take. Photos for commercial or editorial uses can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to tens of thousands. Pricing depends on the distribution and the size of the audience, and many other factors. However, this means that many bloggers mistakenly believe that high quality images are too expensive, and so they steal the images instead. This means that many bloggers have had infamous take-down notices issued, had their web accounts closed by their website hosts, and social media accounts closed. Also, many bloggers have faced expensive legal action with real lawyers in real courts, with real judges, and real prosecutors.

Girl in the City of Ghosts

Girl in the City of Ghosts

The How: JapanesePhotos.Asia instead provides a personal solution, for personal bloggers and personal website owners. Purchase cheap licenses for your personal use, not for redistribution or resale; for in perpetuity. JapanesePhotos.Asia has multiple options for many different types of buyers and uses. For personal uses, go to the JapanesePhotos.Asia PhotoShelter portfolio, and browse for what you like, click on the green buy button, and choose your license, go to the Downloads tab, and choose Personal Use; and you’re all set.

How to buy a license and download an image for personal use from JapanesePhotos.Asia

How to buy a license and download an image for personal use from JapanesePhotos.Asia

Why the cost? The model in the image above costs money. She’s a great and professional model, and we worked with a great make-up artist; all of this costs money. How much do you earn per hour, and consider they need to be paid too? It took about a day of work to make that image above, and I’m competing against tens of thousands of great images, so each sale is important for cost recuperation. If you really do value an image enough to want it, please value the time and effort too, so that I can make more great images in the future.

One more thing: Occasionally I do have discount offers, please look out for coupons.