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POTW 4 Feb 2013: Naked Man Festival

On Saturday the 16th February will be the Naked Man Festival to be held at Kounomiya, near Nagoya on the Meitetsu train line. It’s a major cultural event that attracts often a very willing and volunteer group of about 13,000 men (of various sizes and ages), and about 130,000 on-lookers (women of all ages, and a lot of guys, too). I’m sure because the event coincides with a weekend day this year, the crowds will swell… no pun intended. I will be icy cold after all. I’ve blogged about this event recently, providing a lot of info to help photo editors, so see here for that well-detailed info on the Naked Man Festival.

See the Naked Man Festival gallery on my PhotoShelter porfolio for more photos like this, or my agent’s website.

Tagata Fertility Festival video

Despite the recent tragedies, and the near 24/7 constant flow of bad news on the TV, Japanese people in central Japan were wanting to see the Tagata Fertility Festival, also known by many foreigners as the ‘Penis Festival’.

I made a video with a selection of images I took on the day of the Tagata Fertility Festival video. These images are available for purchase for editorial and personal use at my Asia Photo Connection and PhotoShelter portfolios. Also see here for more information about the festival.

Coming up this Spring

Coming up this Spring are a few important things. Firstly, a 10% discount for all purchases at my PhotoShelter portfolio with a minimum USD$25 purchase, unlimited use, until 30th March, 2011. Coupon code is: SUPERSPRING.

Secondly, the Spring Sumo tournament in Osaka has been cancelled due to match fixing allegations. It is the first time sumo had been cancelled since 1946, which itself was cancelled due to renovations to the Tokyo sumo venue. Here are my galleries, all eligible for the Spring 10% discount: Top wrestler, Hakuho, Sumo Spills, and general Japanese Sumo.

Thirdly, the Tado Horse Festival, is a Shinto religious festival intended to bring a good harvest for this coming growing season. If a horse can make it up the steep slope and over a mound-obstacle, then a good harvest is expected. Only after the event do the local farms begin sowing. The 10% Spring discount also applies to this PhotoShelter gallery.

That’s pretty much the main events that are coming up this Spring.