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POTW: World Water Day 22nd Mar 2013

World Water Day is Friday 22nd March. This week and next I’ll be asking folks on Google+ and Twitter to share their water related photos, especially regarding how water is important to nature and humanity. To kick off the week, here’s mine.

For more information see the United Nations World Water Day website. See my PhotoShelter portfolio for more water photos. The photo below was taken at the Clyde River, in Batemans Bay, Australia, which represents leisure use of water. Unfortunately the nearby fisherman didn’t want to pose in the photo to show more of leisure (fishing) as well as food, because he hadn’t finished making his sand castle, which he was going to use to impress his bikini clad mermaid girlfriend who was drinking anĀ imported designer brand water.

POTW: 28 May Mist and bridge over a river

I was recently reminded of this image. It’s actually an ugly bridge painted in a dreadful pastel green. It’s typical of modern Japan in architectural utilitarian style. A building needs walls and water proofing, and so it gets plain painted concrete. People need to get from one side of the river to the other, so a thoroughfare that can withstand typhoons is constructed, and here it is… This image, and others like it, are available on my PhotoShelter portfolio.