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Winter model call

This model call is for a snowy day photo shoot in Nagoya, Japan. Note, this is open only to people who are already in Nagoya, Japan. The original posting was created on Model Mayhem, and here’s the main summary copied below. The intended time to shoot is possibly over the New Year period, weekends in January, and almost anytime in February or March.

Wanted, male and female models and couples (gay and straight) for outdoor snowy day shoot. Because snowfall in Nagoya cannot be predicted the shoot cannot be fixed to a particular date. Therefore you may be contacted either the night before or early in the morning when snowfall is confirmed. Photos will be similar to this
http://ablyth.photoshelter.com/gallery- … _9FTzAKwMU
and this
http://ablyth.photoshelter.com/gallery- … uDQSfYbu8k and others similar.

Theme: Candid street portraits and romantic
Location: Sakae or Osu area. The meeting place is likely to be at a subway exit in Central Park.
Models will sign a model release to allow the photos to be used for commercial purposes.
For general model call information, see Model Call, or Contact me here or via JapanesePhotos.Asia for more information.

General advice: Please where full length heat-tech or thermal underclothing, at least two layers of socks, and no clothing with brand logos or print designs. Please do not bring large bags.

#POTW 27Jan 2014 Snow and mountains

This Photo of the Week is very simple. For most expats and tourists their idea of Japan at this time of year can be summed up in this simple equation:

Winter = Snow + Mountains

The number one group of tourists to Japan in this time is apparently Australian skiers, who apparently flock to Hokkaido. I’ve not been anywhere near that far north, but this is as far north of Japan I’ve been so far, and it’s still a water freezing, bone chilling -10° Celsius, it’s Shirakawa, the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For this mountain + snow photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter portfolio, and my agent’s website.

#POTW 6Jan 2014 UNESCO Shirakawa town

This is the first Photo of the Week for 2014, so it’s only fitting to look at what’s up in Japan now… snow! Shirakawa town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in the Gifu mountains, and is pretty guarranteed to get lots of snow. The town is in fact a collection of rural houses moved to this location to help centralise and maintain a traditional architectural style, and also to maintain the culture required to re-thatch the roofs every 20 years. This photo was taken on film, and the others in the Shirakawa Gallery of my PhotoShelter portfolio were taken on a mix of film and digital.

Heavy snow

Some parts of Japan have received heavy and accumulating snow. Last week many areas in the north received snow, followed by a slight warming, which has allowed the top layer to melt slightly before freezing again. On top of this icy layer, known in Japan as corn snow (due to it’s micro scopic shape), fresh snow created yet another layer. Concern is for a number of points.

  • The corn-snow layer allows for surface avalanches
  • Avalanches and surface avalanches can be triggered by earthquakes
  • Snow sliding off roofs can kill people under them. A meter of snow can weigh upto 500kg (1/2 ton).
  • Snow clearing with snow ploughs have killed pedestrians
  • Snow clearing off roofs have accounted for about 75% of deaths. Most deaths involve people aged 60 and over. Most deaths are as a result of falls, heart attacks, or falls with snow burials.
  • Solar panels on roofs have also contributed, as normal roofs have stoppers that hold snow in place, or slow the rate of fall. However, solar panels were not designed with this consideration, and often sit above snow stoppers, thus with the smooth surface are more dangerous than a regular roof (see the picture below).
  • Finally, some houses this week have collapsed under the weight of snow on their roofs. So far, some areas have more than 3 meters of accumulated snow.

Below are file pictures relating to the extreme weather.


Solar panels allow snow to dangerously slide off roofs, which has caused the deaths of many people.

Solar panels allow snow to dangerously slide off roofs, which has caused the deaths of many people.

Photo of the week, 10 Oct

Wow, I never knew how addictive Google+ could be. I joined in the time when it was invite only (thanks to Adobe Express on Twitter for the invite), and since G+ went public… wow! Consequently I missed last weeks POTW.

This photo was taken in Shirakawa, a mountain village listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features old style large farm houses with thatched roofs. The village opens only a few times during winter where they set up flood lights to allow people to see the houses at night, making the whole place look like a Christmas card. More Shirakawa photos can be seen at my PhotoShelter portfolio.


Shirakawa is a small village in the Japan Alps, and is protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I arrived with two friends to find the place in constant snow, and it got heavier by dusk. It’s an amazing place to experience. I spent several winters wondering how to get there, as most Japanese people seemed to believe that it was snowed in for the entire winter. In contrast, the village organises a series of light ups for tourists to come in and view the village. The day I was there, the day time high was two degrees Celsius (a shade above freezing), to minus six below freezing.

Shirakawa, Japan – Images by Andrew Blyth

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