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News: Demonstrations calling for marriage equity

I had time to stroll around Sydney and Darling Harbour for just one afternoon, and completely by chance this group were holding a demonstration. They chanted “Julia” as ‘Joooliaa’, and there were other chants, too. Julia Gillard is the current Prime Minister in Australia. On the evening news I learnt that the Labour Party were holding their annual conference and on that same day it seems that Ms Gillard had submitted to pressure and allowed Labour Party members to choose to support a bill which would allow same sex marriage. That is to say, she herself does not support the bill, but she is not publicly, or explicitly going to block it.

Going to Australia

It’s official. I’ll be going to Australia. I’ll be there for all of February, and half of March. I’ll spend but a fleeting glance in Sydney, and be spending much of my time in Canberra. I do hope the weather will be mild and pleasant…  Let me know if there’s anything I can do in that part of the world.