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Murphy’s Law

I just got back from a long overseas trip, and I have about 20Gb of photos to process. Unfortunately, though, my main laptop with my photo software died! I was working on stuff, when suddenly the power cut out! That was it! The battery was fine, the power cable is fine and has a green light on the AC adaptor, but the computer just suddenly blacked out! It won’t restart, and there’s no signs of life.

Anyway, it looks like it’ll be a couple of days until the repairman can come and fix it. In the mean time, there’s a whole lot of empty real estate on my desk that is barely filled in by my mini laptop. I was looking to do some minor tweaks to this website, and to start processing my photos… but I guess my holiday has just been extended by a little. 🙁

FYI, photo from the MoreLomo app, and processed on the PhotoShop Express app.

Mini laptop barely filling the hole left behind by the out of service main laptop

Mini laptop barely filling the hole left behind by the out of service main laptop

Chinese Bullet Trains

Famously now, the Chinese bullet train is made of completely indigenous technology that was to based on the technological support provided from Canada or Japan. Apparently, the train that was designed and built in China based on Japanese bullet train, was not based on any Japanese technology. There is no likeness between the Chinese and Japanese trains at all.

PS: Is this train from Japan or China?

For more train pictures, including the Chinese bullet train and the answer to the question above, see Asia Photo Connection.


I will be presenting “Teaching and Learning Using Computer Mediated Communication” (CMC) at the Japan Association of Language Teachers (JALT) Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Special Interest Group (SIG) annual conference in Kyoto on 29th -30th May, 2010. This presentation is aimed at beginner and novice CALL teachers, introducing basic how-to’s and some new technology. See more information about the conference at JALT CALL 2010. I already assembling a resource page at Winjeel.Com. Hope you’ll come.