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New #TGIF Photos out now and more coming

New TGIF photos of my favourite models have finally been completed (it’s been a painfully busy time for me). The first batch are already on my PhotoShelter portfolio (Chihiro & Brooke), and more will be soon added to my agent’s website.

A caucasian and Japanese woman in a bar with wine.

A Caucasian and Japanese woman in a bar with wine.

#tgif Snow Monkeys

Looking for something to do this or another weekend? The very well known Japanese snow monkeys are actually Japanese macaques, Lt. Macaca fuscata, are the northern most living primates, other than humans. These macaques were photographed Jigokudani Monkey Park hot springs, near Yudanaka, in Nagano prefecture. To do the trip, you can take a special JR express train to Nagano city, or a bullet train, where you’ll see lots of reminders that the city once hosted the Winter Olympics, last century. You could stay in a hotel there, or take a 44min train ride to Yudanaka and stay in a holiday resort hotel. All the details of how to get there and other local info is available at this website, http://nozawa-onsen.com/. However, you should be warned that there is nothing to do at Yudanaka in the evening, and it seemed that the restaurants take turns on being open in the weekday evenings. Also, here’s a link to a monkey-cam with on the hour updates (local time), http://www.jigokudani-yaenkoen.co.jp/livecam/monkey/index.htm.

For this photo, and others like it, see my Nature gallery on PhotoShelter website, and my agent’s.

Since Yudanaka had a daytime high of -6°C (about 30°F), you’ll definitely need hiking thermals (shirt and long underwear type, or long johns), two layers of socks (regular & thick was fine for me), a regular undershirt, shirt, jumper (or sweater), and the thickest winter jacket for outdoor camping you’ve got. Thermals are good because they’re quick dry, and I wore regular hiking trousers, as they’re also quick dry. Regular hiking boots are fine, and may be spikes, but I didn’t use mine. Of course, you’ll need gloves, scarf, and hat. I wore a hat with a visor to keep my jacket hood out of my eyes. You will need to walk for about 30mins from a car park, and you’ll probably want to stay there for about an hour. They tell you not to bring food near the macaques, but there are lockers near the entrance gate that you can use, right next to where you’ll pay the ¥500 entrance fee.

Expect to take lots of photos.

#TGIF Sumo starts on Sunday

That’s right, the Tokyo Winter Tournament starts it’s fifteen day run from Sunday. Tickets are available from web vendors like this one (no affiliation), and you can view it online on your very own computer from morning to 6pm Tokyo time, Watch Sumo Online. The cheapest tickets are about ¥1,000 (USD$10; far back, up in the rafters), and the most expensive are the tiny box seats from about about ¥40,000 (USD$400). This year, it may be the year Hakuho loses his dominance, and a whole new generation may displace my long-time favourites. It should be an exciting year. See my sports gallery for sumo photos, and my agent’s website. Also, I do have a sumo photo video.

#TGIF Nagoya Motor Show

The recent Tokyo Motor Show has ended, they’ve upped stakes and have now come to the home and heart land of the Toyota Motor Company. The biennial Nagoya Motor Show is on from Thursday the 12th to Sunday the 15th at Port Messe, Nagoya Port (via the Aonami Line from Nagoya Station) (JETRO). According to JETRO, it received 203,900 visitors to see a total of 93 exhibitors, including local and foreign car makers. The most interesting exhibitors in 2011 were Nissan and Suzuki. The most boring, other than Toyota, were the Japanese highway companies showing off their sexy highway inspection cars and cleaners.

See here for previous Nagoya Motor Show blog posts, photos from the 2011 show at my agent, and my PhotoShelter portfolio.

Nagoya Motor Show – Images by Andrew Blyth

#TGIF The Cone Species: Beautiful Species

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out the 28th Nagoya Foreign Artists Exhibition held at the Nagoya International Centre, on until 5pm Sunday. I’ll have The Cone Species: Beautiful City on display. There’s also lots of other great art works on display, too. For more info, see previous FAE28 blog posts.

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE28) in Nagoya, Japan, December 2013.

TGIF 22 Nov 2013 Travel in Osaka

Here, my two favourite models are working together on this travel themed shoot. I met them in Osaka a couple of weeks ago and made these travel photos at Tenjin Shrine in central Osaka. The shrine is a nice little shrine with a history of only a thousand years or nearly two. The shrine is also host to the annual Tenjin Festival that I shot back in July. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter galleries.

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