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Model Call: Tokyo Travel Themed Street Shoot

Yay! I’ll be in Tokyo for a short trip on Tuesday / Wednesday. I hope to meet some models I hope to work with again later in July and August.

What: Photos of a tourist exploring the busy streets of Tokyo. The images will mostly be used for self-promotion for direct to client promotions and social media.
When: 3rd/4th July
– Tuesday afternoon / evening (times: TBC)
– Wednesday early morning (before things get too busy) / Afternoon (times: TBC)
Where: (TBC) Meet and discuss the shoot in a convenient café, near where we will shoot.
– Tuesday either Akihabara / Shibuya
– Wednesday Akihabara and (TBA)
Style: Casual / stylish, or all white.
Makeup: This is a low-budget shoot, please do your own.
Legal: You’ll be asked to sign a fairly standard model release.
Benefits:  You will get a selection of photos that you can use for your own self-promotion.
Contact:  Email me asap.

Please check this page again, as there will be updates.

Young Japanese lady in the trendy part of Nagoya city at night. Young Japanese lady in the trendy part of Nagoya city at night.

Caught up with a buddy, and craftbeer in Akihabara

Caught up with a buddy over the weekend in Akihabara and discovered this wonderful craft beer place. My beer was slightly herbaceous and slightly hoppy, his was apparently herbaceous and fruity. I usually prefer darker beers, but it was hot, I mean, muggy, humid, dank, energy-sapping kind of hot. So, I had to get something light and spritzy. It was wonderful; the perfect way to end a hard-yakka day.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2vk6OOs.

Guiding lines and repetition are the stuff of street photography

Guiding lines and repetition are the stuff of street photography. I’m fascinated by all the little differences between the Nagoya trains and those of Tokyo. Tokyo’s system is older, and some times struggles to cope with having sufficient capacity, which leads to some stations being very large and visually fascinating.
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2hBaJTO.

My first time in a Michelin restaurant!

I caught up with a friend in Akihabara, Tokyo. It was my first time to that part of Tokyo (actually, my 4th time to Tokyo). We were both tired and needed to sit down and eat. It was nearing 6pm, which means that restaurants were quickly filling up, and queues typically form moments after 6pm. So, we said, “Ok, let’s just go into this pork-cutlet place”. It was a little expensive for such a restaurant, but Japanese food is much, much, much cheaper than my English and Australian dining experiences. We placed our orders for not the best, but a good crumbed pork-cutlet. While waiting I spotted a sign by the cash register that said that this is a Michelin rated restaurant. Jaw-dropped I stammer the news to my friend. The food… the food… was amazing. It was the juiciest, softest, and most succulent pork-cutlet I’ve ever devoured. The staff were not young, cute, pretty, handsome people many Nagoya restaurants prefer. Instead, they were older, meticulous, methodical, and clockwork synchonicity as they silently worked around. The restaurant itself was tiny, but nobody bumped into each other, such is their expert character.
My first time in a Michelin restaurant! Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2ua0eN6.

Model Call for Tokyo & Yokohama for summer themed shoot

Updated: 2nd Aug.


  1. (found) Models. Men, women, young, old, whatever.
  2. URGENTLY need a Makeup artist (do makeup, create a look suitable for scenes, assist the model, and some help with flashes)

Theme: Japanese summer. Shoot 1 “At home”,  Shoot 2 “Girl in Tokyo”, Shoot 3 “At the beach”.

When: all day, 8th August 2017.

Where: This is only open to models & MUA already in Japan.

Shoot 1, Indoors, 8th Aug: At a traditional style Japanese house, near central Yokahama.

Shoot 2, Street, 4th Aug: Will be a street shoot around Akihabara. (cancelled)

Shoot 3, Beach, 7th or 8th Aug: May be (depending on budget):    (cancelled)




Why: 1. Actually, I’m not normally available to shoot in summer in Japan, and so I have this big gap in my photo library. Also, I really don’t know what to shoot, and so I need some practice and a chance to experiment with a summer theme. 2. Some of these will be sample-photos to call for sponsors for future shoots. 3. Product placement shoot (if sponsors can be found in time).

Paid: For the right model & mua, yes I will pay.

What to wear: Summer fashion themes. Strictly, no brand names, no logos, and no copyrighted designs. This will be a low-budget shoot, and so you will need to use your own wardrobe.

Shoot 1: Normal comfortable clothing (not old unfashionable things)

Shoot 2: Something that looks good, but can still look nice in 10 years.

Shoot 3: Swimsuit(s), beach/summer shawl, hat, sunglasses, flip-flops, towel. (You will need to get into the water).

If you have another idea, please tell me.

Other: A model release needs to be signed, and you cannot have exclusive contract restrictions for too many products.

More info: My standard model call (en) and モデル求人, 日本語 (jp), contact me and I can send the draft shoot plan.


Young Japanese lady.

Summer theme photos #ModelCall in #Nagoya #名古屋

Wanted: Models. Men, women, young, old, whatever.

Theme: Japanese summer.

When: Summer (Any time now to mid-September), but contact me as soon as possible, so I can fix my schedule.

Where: Mostly Nagoya (Sakae, Shin-Sakae, Higashiyama Botanic Gardens, Tsurumai Park, or even Shin-Maiko on the Meitetsu Line), but I may also do a trip to Tokyo and Kyoto. For travelling models, look at my Nagoya, Kyoto, and Tokyo pages for ideas.


Young Japanese lady at Sensoji Temple with Tokyo Skytree in the background.


Why: Actually, I’m not normally available to shoot in summer in Japan, and so I have this big gap in my portfolio. Also, I really don’t know what to shoot, and so I need some practice and a chance to experiment with a summer theme.

Paid: For the right model, yes I can pay. Otherwise, TFP (Trade for photos), which is perfect for models wanting their first photos for their portfolios, for professional models wanting shots for their Instagram feed, and creative models & MUA wanting help on a project.

What: I’d prefer to show typical Japanese summer themes like fireworks, festivals, but also water and sea. However, I’d be happy to hear your ideas and creatively plan a shoot together.

What to wear: Depends on the theme and creative style we can plan. If a summer festival, then a yukata would be great. If in the city, then summer fashion themes. If you have another idea, please tell me.

More info: My standard model call (en) and モデル求人, 日本語 (jp).


Young American lady leaving a restaurant in Nagoya, Japan.

Tokyo is made of stairs

There are some things that travellers think they are prepared for, only to find that the guidebook said nothing about it. In this case, it’s that Tokyo is made of stairs. Well, mainly the subway public transport system; and not just Tokyo, but also Nagoya and Osaka too. As you will quickly realise on your first day here, it is tiring. Your feet may be sore, and your leg muscles worn, and you have quickly faded at the end of the day.

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Before you come to Japan, I strongly, strongly urge you to do a lot more walking as a part of your preparation. If you can use a stair machine, do. Sure, there are escalators and elevators, but stairs are the mainstay. Elevators are few and far between. Even though there is at least one elevator per station, these are impossible to find, or are very inconveniently located. So, if you’re carrying heavy suitcases, have a pram, or in a wheelchair, you will have troubles; so leave earlier than most people would. However, you will have a great time here. Bring high energy snacks to help you get about the place, but you will be a lot fitter for having lived or been here.

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Coming of Age Day in Japan

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Hong Kong model Sabrina visiting Meiji Shrine in Tokyo during the Coming of Age Day in Japan. The Coming of Age Day (成人の日 Seijin no Hi) is celebrated annually on the second Monday in January by only young adults who have recently turned twenty years of age. They return to their high school to attend ceremonies, and then go to shrines and temples to pray for their futures. Typically the guys wear a nice suit; the same one they would wear for job interviews, but the ladies dress up in kimonos.

Unfortunate for the young ladies who chose too come to Meiji Shrine, there were hordes of tourists, photographers, and Sabrina and I waiting to harangue them into photos and selfies. It was almost masochistic the attention these ladies received from almost everyone there. Anyway, with the ladies pictured above we were nice and respectful. In fact, they were happy to talk to a Hong Kong model, were pleased with the photos I took, and then asked me to take exactly the same ones with their own camera. Because they did us a favour, I was happy to oblige.

It was great working with Sabrina, I hope she had a great time in Tokyo. Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2kpZFbj. Also see other photos from this collection at the Sabrina gallery on my PhotoShelter portfolio.

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