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Valentine’s Day

May all the chocolates, flowers, kisses you want come your way. St Valentine’s Day is celebrated in different ways in different countries. For instance in Europe and North America, it’s a day when couples both treat each other, well, usually it’s the guy who organises a special dinner at a restaurant, flowers, and chocolates. However, in Korea and Japan, it’s the woman who makes the first move by giving a guy she likes a small box of chocolates. Then on March 14th the guy reciprocates. However, in Korea on 14th April, if a guy didn’t get anything from a girl on 14th February he then needs to eat black food (usually black soybean noodles) so his soul doesn’t wander forever lonely if he should die without finding love. For both Korea and Japan, the Valentine’s ritual is just for young couples, and not so much for married people. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter portfolio and my agent’s website, or go here for the St Valentine’s Day gallery.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

POTW 11 Feb: Valentines Day

This Photo of the Week (POTW) is for Valentines Day. Japan picked up the European day, and so it’s a time when young couples have another excuse to hang out and go shopping together. Here, in this model released photo, is a young Japanese lady waiting on the bench outside of a restaurant. Many popular restaurants have such seating for customers, as Japanese people are patient enough to wait for a table to be available at a restaurant with a good reputation, and of course Valentines Day is sure to make people wait longer, or line up earlier. This, and other images like it, are available on my PhotoShelter portfolio.