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POTW 30 Apr 2012: Fujifilm Velvia100

This Photo of the Week is inspired by Fujifilm Velvia 100. Fujifilm has announced price rises for the month of May, which is tragic news. And to share the love of film, here’s an image from the Naked Man Festival, taken on Fujifilm Velvia100. See the blog for details on Fujifilm and the Naked Man Festival.

Tragic news

I received this very tragic and disturbing news today, Fujifilm has announced a price hike on their film, including my favourite, the beautiful Velvia 100 colour slide film! However, they are quick to point out that a price hike is better than cutting the line of films. Thanks to Alberto on G+ for sharing this news.

Below: Dancers performing in Osu Kanon to a mainly male audience. Photo taken on Fujifilm Velvia 100.