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The World Cosplay Summit will be promoted on ANA

The Nagoya based World Cosplay Summit (WCS) will be promoted on All Nippon Airways (ANA) flights in February and March this year. It seems to be a part of the “Cool Japan” public relations the Japanese government has been promoting for a little over a decade now. The short video will have both English and Chinese subtitles. A preview can be seen here, https://www.ana-cooljapan.com/contents/cosplay/ Unfortunately, their campaign doesn’t seem well planned, especially with the title, “Is Japan Cool?”. I’ll let you answer that for yourself. The photo above is from the 2012 Taiwan contingent on the red carpet event in the hot August morning.

World Cosplay Summit 2012

Many of my World Cosplay Summit 2012 photos are located between my agent’s website Asia Photo Connection by Henry Westheim and my PhotoShelter portfolio in the World Cosplay Summit, World Cosplay Summit 2010, and World Cosplay Summit 2012 galleries.

World Cosplay Summit – Images by Andrew Blyth

POTW: 6th August 2012 WCS

This Photo Of the Week (POTW) is from the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) red carpet event before the championship held on Saturday, 4th August 2012. Aichi TV is both the main sponsor and broadcaster of the event. I was lucky enough to get a press pass so that I could get good access to the competitors. This year there are competitors are from 20 countries including Italy, Finland, Indonesia, South Korea, and the UK. The event was won by the Japanese team, although the Singaporean and Thai teams were tied at equal first on audience vote. The Singaporean team was officially anointed second, and the Indonesian team third.

The photo below is of Valerie from Singapore just after the red carpet event held that morning. Behind her is the Sunshine Sakae building famous for hosting the popular J-pop group SKE48 and it’s landmark ferris wheel. This image, and others like it, are available for print, product, personal use (eg: non-commercial blogs), and for media licensing at my PhotoShelter portfolio.

Congratulations to Valerie and Frank for taking second place at the WCS. (Note: the original photo is now no longer available, this is Valerie on the red carpet event).

World Cosplay Summit

The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) is this weekend in Nagoya. It’s an international celebration of the Japanese comic book industry. The cosplayers make their own costumes based on characters in popular comic books (aka “manga”). Usually, the fans will dress up and sport their best with other cosplayers, and the international competitors do a performance on a stage in front of a huge crowd of about 10,000 spectators, and perhaps a million on TV. A notable sponsor is Brother, the sewing machine company.

World Cosplay Summit 2010

Every year it’s been a tough one. Last year I wanted to go, but found that for one reason or another, I had something else to do (I don’t remember). The year before was my first time attending, and it wasn’t bad. I went on the Sunday, the day of the main events and got some great shots. It was a pretty nervous experience, trying to work out what’s cool and not cool to do. Working out how to photograph people in crowds and such, and also contending with crowds, too.

This year was different. I went on the opening day, the Osu Kanon parade in the Osu district of Nagoya city. There were more people there than organisers had expected, and jammed in a much smaller space, and it wasn’t elbow-room only, but squeezing-room only. It was perhaps the hottest day of the year so far, and with perhaps the highest humidity yet experienced this year. Needless to say, migrainers like myself didn’t have much fun.

As for the photography, some light cloud cover can be nice to even out the light, but thick clouds did not help, invoking noisy pictures. It was a tough day, and I fear the photos bear that result. These are available at a lowered price at my PhotoShelter account, no model releases due to the public nature of the event. However, as you see, the costumes were amazing, and as you can guess, so to the experience for the crowds and the young re-carpeted cosplayers.

World Cosplay Summit 2010 – Images by Andrew Blyth

summer 2010

This should be a great summer in Japan. Coming up in July and August there will be local festivals known as “matsuri”. These are usually night-time affairs, but still really hot, sweaty, humid, and that’s just how you feel watching the summertime fireworks displays. July has the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament, August has the World Cosplay Summit (usually held in Nagoya). I can’t wait for it all to begin. I will aim to be at these events, but I will definitely go if requested.

See my profiles at Asian Photo Connection, PhotoShelter, and Gekko Images.

Summer in Japan – Images by Andrew Blyth