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#POTW 6Jan 2014 UNESCO Shirakawa town

This is the first Photo of the Week for 2014, so it’s only fitting to look at what’s up in Japan now… snow! Shirakawa town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is in the Gifu mountains, and is pretty guarranteed to get lots of snow. The town is in fact a collection of rural houses moved to this location to help centralise and maintain a traditional architectural style, and also to maintain the culture required to re-thatch the roofs every 20 years. This photo was taken on film, and the others in the Shirakawa Gallery of my PhotoShelter portfolio were taken on a mix of film and digital.

POTW: Mt Fuji World Heritage Site

It was reported recently that Mt Fuji has gained World Heritage status (BBC, Japan Today). Mt Fuji had been rejected before because of all the rubbish and poor maintenance of various facilities. To combat the previous issues, it seems that the local government will charge 7000 yen per climber, up from 0 yen. That’s gotta be a crowd pleaser. So for this Photo of the Week (POTW), here’s Mt Fuji as seen from the air, in winter, with it’s iconic snow top.